OST to MBOX conversion strategy with OST Extractor Pro!

A sore experience with OST to MBOX conversion can definitely leave you jaded. And why wouldn’t it? After all, we all have deep vested interests in our email files. These comprise of some of the most essential documents and information relating to our personal and professional lives. That being so, shifting from one email client to another is no reason to leave behind these valuable records.

OST to MBOX Conversion Tool

There are many reasons for which OST to MBOX conversions can go downhill but that is not what we need to focus on. Rather, re-strategizing must be our sole agenda here. In order to gain perfect results for OST to MBOX conversion, one must pick OST Extractor Pro. The tool is comprehensive in nature and is an all-rounder with respect to OST to MBOX conversions. Choosing this tool can alter the entire user-experience for good!

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OST Extractor Pro is built for conversion of OST to Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook (PST), EML & MBOX file format.


Guaranteed accuracy in OST conversion!

Emails are no longer just text messages being circulated via internet. These have a life of their own in terms of the embedded kaleidoscopic features. The fine detailing which comes from features like calendars, signature stamps, timestamps, graphics, etc make these files extremely complicated. Undoubtedly, their subsequent conversion to other formats becomes complex.

The Ultimate tool

OST Extractor Pro understands the complex framework of the mails and treats them accordingly. As far as the data files are concerned, this tool handles them based on broadly two aspects: size and composition.

For the former, options like bulk conversions support OST to MBOX conversion of large databases in a speedy manner. Auto load options and post upload selection of folders prove to be equally significant aids. And for the latter, Unicode content decoder, specific conversion algorithms, and the like ensure absolute conversion of the data files. This tool is known to give out 100% OST to MBOX conversion results.

All in all, this tool produces absolutely beautiful results in a time framed manner!

Does not discriminate on the basis of the source of files!

OST Extractor Pro is a great tool for extracting and further recovering OST files from any kind of source. In that, it is capable of handling the OST files from Outlook 97 to 2019, ANSI OST file, Exchange 5.0 to 2017 edition, and Office 365 Outlook subscriptions.

What is even more interesting is that this tool supports more than one kind of conversion. No doubt that one can count on this tool for OST to MBOX conversions but for those shifting to other email clients, this tool can help convert OST to Apple Mail, EML, PST, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

This one stop tool proves to be of great assistance in carrying out the conversion jobs. A simple and user-friendly graphical user interface is one of the major reasons for that. Additionally, the role of the support of a round the clock customer care team cannot be disregarded either.

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To recapitulate, OST Extractor Pro has all the attributes that are required to qualify it as the best OST to MBOX conversion tool!

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