Convert and recover your OST files with utmost ease

Saving and securing your mail files is now more accessible than ever, if you use the right tool. You can convert your mail files in the OST format to the format of your choice without moving a finger. All you have got to do is to get the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. Using this app will save you from the possibility of your files going corrupt in case of hardware corruption, loss of Exchange file, or of any situation out of your hands.

Safest way to migrate and preserve you mails:

Since the process of data migration is laden with difficulties, people usually avoid the manual conversion process. Due to lack of proper training, the process can end up in failure if the person is not careful. You can avoid all this by simply getting the OST Extractor Pro, it is safer than the manual method or using a freeware. It also makes the process uncomplicated and can be operated by just anyone, thanks to its user-friendly GUI. All age groups of client can operate it without the slightest training and get excellent results.


People can convert as many files they want without limit at once, of they use this app. It has been made possible by the batch conversion technology of this app which lets one convert files in batch. Hundreds of files can be converted at once, all with equal efficiency and utmost safety. Needless to say, this feature is a huge time saver and excuses clients from having to sit in front of their computer for long hours.
A methodology applied by this app to avoid the usual case of data modification is to form alliance with all kinds of languages and text elements. Thus, instead of corrupting files in non-English languages or containing Unicode or leaving them unconverted, this tool will take their responsibility. It can interact with multiple languages and convert them accordingly. This feature is especially helpful since it is common for people now-a-days to correspond via mails.

Powerful tool to convert and recover ost file

Powerful algorithm of this converter makes sure that all kinds of components of the data files are saved. It digs deep into the files and brings out all kinds of attachments and nested messages. Unique components like metadata, headers, Unicode etc. So the client does not have to face the loss of their files or incomplete conversion if they are using this app.

Its ability to handle all variety of data makes it an ideal tool for office environment as well as for individual use. It also supports all OST files, irrespective of their format and size. It easily slices down huge files to make the process simpler for itself. Also, its efficiency does not get hindered determined by how old or new the format of the files is.

convert and recover

There is no need to plug in any other apps to this tool since it has got every feature built-in. In case of confusion, the client support system can be consulted 24*7.

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For ost to pst conversion, get OST Extractor Pro today.

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