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Best PST to MBOX Converter – Easy, Quick, and Effective Approach

PST to MBOX Converter

Expert-Recommended Best PST to MBOX Converter – Easy, Quick, and Effective Approach to Data Migration.

Email migration can throw chaos into a perfectly organized world of yours. If you value productivity, the task of migrating emails between clients can be the worst thing you’d ever do. The worst form of that is when the data needs to be migrated across clients that are built for different platforms.

One of the worst of them is: migrating emails from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. There is nothing that is similar between these clients. No data files are common to them. There is no in-built migration support in either one of them. And the third-party tools used commonly can be quite dangerous to the integrity of your data.

The most common approach is to convert PST files to MBOX. Such PST to MBOX converters are in spades, but unfortunately all of them are truly inefficient.

What are PST and MBOX files?

What are these files and why do you need a PST to MBOX converter in the first place?

Every software program that deals with data have to store all of the data in files. Email client is the most data-extensive software programs there can be. These clients have come a long way from just dealing with plain text format emails. They now deal with huge file attachments, images, contacts, calendar entries, and a lot more.

This complexity in data makes the migration more difficult.

Several email clients are compatible with generic files like MBOX or EML. So, you can move data between them using these files through import/export feature. Unfortunately, there is no such common file that can imported/exported between Mac Mail and Windows Outlook.


PST is an acronym for ‘personal storage table.’ It’s a file format by Microsoft uses in Windows Outlook. There are other files that come into use in Outlook as well, such as OST, but that is not of our concern regarding this topic of email migration. PST files can be auto-generated, or you can manually backup your Outlook data in PST files.


Similarly, Mac Mail uses MBOX files. Though, MBOX is more generic than PST, but Windows Outlook doesn’t support MBOX. So, there is no chance you can import MBOX files in Windows Outlook…directly.

That is why, third-parties offer PST to MBOX converters that can convert data in a way that’s suitable for users. Unfortunately, suitability is the only thing that is not truly offered to the end-users. Most of these tools can be quite hectic and tedious to use. Their design of the interfaces is generally quite poor.

That brings us to the ultimate solution for this task, the best and the most expert-recommended PST to MBOX converter of all time. We have tested this tool ourselves quite a few times, and clearly, it came out as a winner.

And the tool is ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ from USL Software. The tool has resolved the complications in email migration between these clients that others couldn’t.

pst to mbox converter

PST to MBOX Converter by USL Software

  • It is quick. The conversion can happen at the rate of 1GB per ten minutes, depending on factors such as your computer specs and other programs running the background
  • The tool can convert multiple PST files in a single batch
  • It preserves the folder hierarchy.
  • The interface is friendly and intuitive.
  • The tool is built to convert every single component of email data from PST to MBOX, including metadata and headers, email attachments, nested messages, flag status, signatures, embedded graphical objects, and so on.
  • It supports the conversion of non-English content
  • It can convert and save the read and unread emails in separate folders
  • You can convert all the contacts and merge them into a single VCF file (virtual contact file), which is compatible with many contact apps, even in android phones.
  • Merge all calendar entries to a single ICS file (iCal, Apple calendar app file)
  • Split large MBOX files by setting any file-size that you want to be as the max limit.

Try it today to convert PST to MBOX

Download the tool here. There is also a customer support that is driven by a team of experts in email migration. It converts ten items from each folder inside PST files, but does not restrict you from any using the features listed above.

pst to mbox

PSt Extractor Pro – the best PST to MBOX Converter tool.

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