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Convert PST to MBOX with a tool that does not mislead!

While searching for the best tool to convert PST files to MBOX, you must have come across several tools which claims to know the best way of converting PST files to MBOX. In such a scenario, it becomes quiet difficult to find out which is a reliable tool amongst all the PST to MBOX converter tools available. But you don’t have to worry; there is a full proof way to solve this problem once and for all.

Smart Way to Convert PST to MBOX

First of all, you have to go through the reviews given to these tools to find out tools having the most positive reviews amongst all the tools available. After finding out the tools with the most positive reviews, you have to try their demo version. After doing these two things you will certainly come to know which is the best tool to convert PST files to MBOX. In order to save your time and effort the name of best PST to MBOX converter tool has been disclosed. It is called PST Extractor Pro.

pst to mbox

This tool which is developed at USL software provides you absolute assurance of precise and safe PST to MBOX conversion. Furthermore, you can use this tool with no prior skill or experience. It has simplified the process of conversion to such an extent that even a beginner can do it with ease.

Let us look at the features of this tool

  1. Easy to use
  2. Guides you throughout the process of conversion
  3. Bug free tool
  4. Performs the process of conversion at a lightning fast speed
  5. Ensures to covert PST files Precisely
  6. Helps you in convert emails files from PST to various formats. These are MBOX, Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, Mac mail, Entourage and RGE.
  7. Perfectly manages the file/folder hierarchy of data
  8. This tool ensures to preserve each and every detail of an email after converting it into the desired format of your choice.
  9. Provides 100% assurance of data safety against all the possible threats. (data modification, data misuse, data corruption, spyware, malware etc.)
  10. Unicode content support for conversion
  11. Provides the facility of bulk conversion
  12. Performs clean conversion of nested messages

Try it before you buy it

Conversion of PST files to MBOX has never been this easy. This PST to MBOX converter tool has truly revolutionized the process of conversion and simplified it to such an extent that even a novice can do it with ease. Moreover by providing the facility to convert emails files from PST to various formats, this tool has saved a lot of money of users which they spent on buying multiple tools. You can avail all these facilities of this tool for free by clicking on the link given below. So what are you waiting for? Install the trial version today. Once you are satisfied by the performance of this tool, you can also upgrade to its full edition at a very reasonable price.

Downloading the trial version at

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