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Convert Apple Mail to EML, This Tool Will Get You Up to Speed!

Apple Mail does not let you archive data to EML files. This makes migration Apple Mail data into clients like Windows Live Mail complicated. Furthermore, you may also want to archive Apple Mail to EML as a backup because of the generic nature of the format. EML is a standard file for storing email messages. Various programs and clients are using that formats.

The Tool to Convert Apple Mail to EML

But the lack of official support for Apple Mail to EML forces users to try other third-party or manual solutions.
One of which is “Mail Extractor Max,” the highly revered software app and most recommended. If you are worried how to convert Apple Mail to EML, this tool will get you up to speed.

It can convert:

  • Apple Mail to Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail to Entourage
  • Apple Mail to Postbox
  • Apple Mail to Standard MBOX (*.mbox)
  • Apple Mail to EML (*.eml)
convert apple mail to eml

Easy to use interface

One of the reasons why the tool gets so high praise consistently is due to the friendly nature interface. That scales down the complex nature of the task using a smart UI. It removes the hurdles in the form of manual inputs. Otherwise it requires in a more conventional form of converters.

Auto Load Mail database for conversion

One instance is the feature for autoloading Apple Mail Profile database.

Usually, one is required to look for files such as EMLX or MBOX within Apple Mail database. Then they have to select these files, often not in bulk, and convert them to EML. But with “Mail Extractor Max,” you can choose the ‘Autoload’ option to convert data straight from the source called ‘Profile’ folder. This skips everything that is manually dealt by users.

Preserve all data

You might appreciate this more if you knew how much time consuming and complicate it can become to find these files or archive data to MBOX. And it not merely trims the process down to a few click, but also boost the quality of your data by retaining all finer details and structure. Including the folder hierarchy, text formatting, HTML links, graphics, non-textual and other MIME attachments, headers, and more.

Mail Extractor Max” also comes with an inbuilt support for processing text in all languages under Unicode standard. If you have Chinese, Korean, or other languages otherwise tedious to convert, you can let go of all the worries when you employ this app for your data migration.

Fast Conversion

Another appreciated factor in the tool’s popularity is the speed. Lack of conversion rate/speed can make even the most advanced and useful features useless or impractical. If the whole process takes unnecessarily long, you might as well give a shot at manual methods.

But “Mail Extractor Max” employs the precise algorithms that do not result in any gaps or interruptions and is able to handle even the big Apple Mail databases while also keeping the time in check. This boosts your productivity, which is crucial for most of the today’s modern users.

Get your trial copy

You can try it for yourself and find out how the tool works for you. Pick the free copy below (it converts ten items per folder) to find out more about it and test the features in your own ways.

Read more & Download at

Also keep in mind that the customer support is just a click away to help you regarding any questions, issues, or setbacks you might face during or after the conversion.

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