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A brutally honest EML to PST converter review for Mail Passport Lite!

There are enormous numbers of tools that come to fore as soon as one searches for EML to PST converter on the internet. The problem with such immensity however is that making a choice becomes next to impossible. To add to the troubles, most of these tools happen to be misleading and fraudulent. Putting our trust as well as confidential files in the hands of such tools thereby becomes burdensome.

Where on one hand, digitization has given way to notorious hackers to fool the users, on the other; some Samaritans have taken it on themselves to keep such bad elements at bay. This EML to PST converter review is one such deed directed towards helping the users, looking forward to converting their files from EML to PST, choose the best EML to PST converter.

Mail Passport Lite- The pros and cons via EML to PST converter review!

Gladwev Software, a company that has been ruling the email converter tools world, is behind the creation of this tool too. It has generously put in some amazing features into this tool to fulfill the ever rising demands of the users pertaining to the conversion needs.

A fair and square list of the features that are absolutely stunning is as follows (PROS):

  • A brilliant interface which can be understood by even the beginners at this job
  • Supports bulk conversions thereby enabling those with large databases to have perfect conversions
  • Converts everything precisely with its element specific algorithms
  • Maintains the overall structure of the files
  • Provides the fastest conversions without compromising accuracy
  • Safe to use
  • Light on the pocket; also comes with a free trial version

If we look into the drawbacks, then there is only one (CONS):

The tool is designed to impress and it does so by practically creating the perfect replicas of the files in a limited time-frame. Mail Passport Lite is therefore highly recommended for the job.

For those of you who are stuck at the only con that is associated with this tool, another tool by the same company would certainly appeal more to you. Read on to know more.

eml to pst converter review

EML to PST converter review for the all rounder Mail Passport Pro!

Mail Passport Pro is another tool created by the company and it holds the capability of converting EML to PST. Additionally, this tool can sort the conversion needs for those who wish to convert Apple mail, MBOX, RGE, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Outlook Mac to PST.

  1. https://www.mailpassportlite.com/
  2. https://www.mailpassportpro.com/

The EML to PST converter review for this tool is no different than that of Mail Passport Lite. It gives out brilliant results just the same and has a flawless track record to support this claim. The users can simply go ahead with trying the demo version of this tool and once satisfied they can delve on the full version.  

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