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EMLX to EML Converter for a Smooth Ride to Successful Data Transfer

EMLX to EML Converter

Looking for EMLX to EML Converter? here’s the ultimate tool.


EMLX is a native file format for Mac Mail. If you go into the ‘Mail’ folder in your users library folders and check inside the mailbox folders (that have extension .MBOX in modern Apple Mail client), you’d find EMLX files. This is where Apple Mail is storing all your emails, contacts, calendar entries, and so on.

It’s important to make a distinction that EMLX is not an archived file format, like MBOX is. It is the native data file. You cannot manually export or backup data in EMLX files.

And that’s where the problem is. Most people wish to keep their data in files that can easily be used later on to recover data. MBOX is an option, but then again, it is only compatible with Apple Mail and Thunderbird and few other lesser known email clients.

This brings us to the nature of EML files. EML format is the most popular and generic file format for storing email messages. The EML itself means ‘electronic mail’.


EML file was first used by Windows Live Mail. And now, even though Windows Live Mail was replaced by Outlook, the EML file format is very much alive and prominent for backing up data.

But what to do of your Apple Mail email files. This is where most EMLX to EML converters offer their file conversion abilities. You can load up your EMLX files (the one in your users’ library folder) and have them converted to EML files. It is definitely an option. But the bad news is –  converting EMLX to EML is rarely accurate or thorough enough to consider it for data migration.

If you have a large database storing thousands and thousands of emails, contacts, and calendar entries and so on, using ordinary EMLX to EML converters can turn out to be a nightmare.

But enough about the issues and the challenges and setbacks of this email migration task and enough about what doesn’t work. What we have here for you is an amazing, expert recommended, and totally safe solution to make this job a child’s play. You can store all your Apple Mail data to EML files without any integrity loss or corruption. And it is not by converting EMLX to EML.

EMLX to EML Converter by USL Software

Welcome to USL Software, a world-leading software solution company that has been offering top programs relating to any email tasks. And this time, they are going to make your world easier through the cutting-edge approach used in ‘Mail Extractor Max’.

emlx to eml converter

What is ‘Mail Extractor Max’?

  • Firstly, it is the only tool that works in Mac. All other tools are Windows based. Creating such sophisticated applications in Mac is very tough. But USL Software has always been taking challenges and overcoming them.
  • It’s a tool that helps you to convert Mac Mail data to the formats, including EML, safely, quickly, and easily.
  • It doesn’t need EMLX files to do that. Hunting for the native data files which you can’t manually archiving data into, is a nightmare. So, USL Software has gotten rid of it completely.
  • Instead, “Mail Extractor Max” offers conversion based on two input methods. You can either use MBOX file to convert data to EML files, or you can directly and automatically load the whole Mac Mail identity folders and convert it into EML files.
  • The latter approach is what makes the world of difference. No hassle. NO manual action of any kind. Nothing. Just click on ‘Auto-load’ option and the tool automatically detects your Mac Mail data from your hard drive and gets it ready for conversion.

Mail Extractor Max assists you to convert Apple Mail / EMLX to EML, MBOX, RGE, Outlook:mac 2011, Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox.

Not only does this make it extremely easy for the users to keep the back of their data to EML files, it also helps you migrate anything to many other clients. EML is compatible with many email clients due to its generic nature.

Get it to convert EMLX to EML

So, download the free trial version today and try it out. You cannot go wrong with ‘Mail Extractor Max.’

Click Here to download free trial version.

emlx to eml

Lastly, the tech support (24×7) will give you the assistance you may require. Making it much more user-friendly than any other tool can possibly achieve.

Try this emlx to eml converter tool for hassle free email migration.

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