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Apple Mail to PST Converter – The Only Tool for Mac to Convert Apple Mail Data

The Exclusive Apple Mail to PST Converter by USL Software

Tired of all those Windows supporting Apple Mail to PST Converter tools? Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s the only tool that is built for Mac users with utmost care to your data integrity, and features some unique and modern options for smooth migration of data.

The Only Tool for Mac to Convert Apple Mail Data – Mail Extractor Pro.

Built exclusively for Mac users is not its only strength. The company behind ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is USL Software and they often take an unconventional approach to email migration that can solve the holdups to successful export.

apple mail to pst converter

The top feature for ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is – direct conversion from ‘Mail’ folder

How does 99% of tools offer the exporting or migration of data from Apple Mail? They use data files like MBOX and then extract the information from those files, and reconstruct it into PST.

That’s not what ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ does, at least, not the only thing. It provides the option to convert using MBOX files, but that’s the inferior method to its major option. It can directly load data from your Mac Mail database called identity folder. This folder is labeled simply as ‘Mail’ in your Mac hard drive. By targeting this source of data directly, you are spared of manual steps to use MBOX files and of the precious time you’d otherwise lose.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ also Preserves the Text in Non-English languages

Most developers can’t get their heads around in order to convert the text that’s not in ASCII encoded standard, in other words, the text that is not English. The trickiest of all languages to convert is DBCS (double byte character set) standard encoded, which includes Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Through special algorithms and protocol extensions, USL Software team was able to create a precise framework to convert any language, including ASCII and UTF-8. The ‘Unicode’ text will be put into new PST files without breaking down the strings. The tool not only keeps the text within emails preserved, it also converts the headers, email addresses, and other metadata regardless of the language used in the characters.

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‘Mail Extractor Pro’ keeps the folder hierarchy undisturbed

Out of two most frail elements in email data that are hard to convert safely is folder hierarchy, the structure of your folders. The other one is discussed above – non-English text. The ordinary tools employed for Apple Mail to PST conversion fail to convert data while keeping your emails and folders in order. It’s quite frustrating to find all your emails in a non-orderly fashion after employing hours for transferring them.

Thankfully, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ keeps such type of loss at bay. However complex and deep your folder hierarchy goes, this tool by USL Software ensures you get them exactly as they were originally in Apple Mail.

Quite a valuable feature in an email migration tool that most other developers ignore or simply gloss over.

Other Features making the migration more professional

Apple Mail to PST converter mean the tools that convert files. And that’s how most of them are technically. But USL Software calls ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ more than just a file converter. It’s a whole package for email migration, equipped with all necessary arms and tools to get through this otherwise nasty project.

Using these features, your email migration results will be completely professional and efficient. No loose ends.

  • Split large PST files
  • Set your own limit for the files to split
  • Ignore all empty folders
  • View all the folders in their correct hierarchy before conversion
  • The ability to unmark the folders that you don’t want to convert
  • Full conversion log report for in-depth analysis, making the whole task even more professional for repeated use.
apple mail to pst

Download the free trial version here:

It will give you the preview of how it all works before you having to pay anything. There are no limitations to the actual use of features but it will limit the items to ten from each folder. Get it now and never have to worry about Apple Mail to PST conversion. The free trial edition eliminates any form of risk or doubts you might have.

It is the best Apple Mail to PST Converter, download & try it yourself.

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