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Now know how to convert OST to PST

The best way to convert OST to PST is to download the OST Extractor Pro. OST Extractor Pro helps you to recover all the corrupted and damaged files that are stored in the OST format for Windows Outlook. Let it be a damage caused by power failure or let it be a hardware failure or any such issue. All the corrupted or non-corrupted files can easily be converted from OST format to PST format.

OST to PST converter reviews say about OST Extractor Pro?

The reviews for the OST Extractor Pro are really brilliant. Because of its extraordinary features that are not usually found in general OST to PST converter. The product has gained much popularity and bounced to the top 10 OST file to PST converter list.

The product is said to be brilliant for both newbie as well as for professionals who have to deal with OST data. The price range and packages in which this product is available is also amazing. You can pick the package that suits you the best and pay only for what you require.

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How to open an OST file?

To open an OST data file you need to download the OST Extractor Pro software. If you are new to this segment and only want to try how the OST Extractor Pro software works then you can simply go for the trial version of the software.

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Download & Install

Once you have downloaded the software install the same on your PC. After the installation is complete open the software where it will ask you to choose the OST file that you want to recover or convert into PST format.

Select OST file

If you wish you can choose a single OST file to be recovered or you can even select multiple OST files that have to be recovered. The OST Extractor Pro helps in converting and recovering multiple OST files at the very same time. This is one of the USP features of the software.

Select output format

Now after selecting one or multiple files, the software would ask you for the format in which you would like the conversion to take place. You need to select the PST format and the place where the data would be converted and stored.

Click on Export

Once you click on the export button, the recovery of OST files will start taking place. Once all the OST files are recovered a successful recovery dialogue will appear on the screen indicating the finish of conversion.

how to convert OST to PST

Now you can open the folder where you saved all the PST files. You can view all the recovered data that was in the OST format initially. Because of its low data loss or no data loss at all, it is the first choice of most of the users wishing to open OST file in Outlook.

The OST Extractor Pro is definitely one of the best software that you can find online at various price ranges. Try the new OST to PST converter free software today.

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