MBOX to PST Converter for Mac – Only Converter That Extracts Data Cleanly!

MBOX to PST Converters for Mac are used when users have to import data stored inside MBOX format into whether Windows or Mac Outlook. Both Outlook versions support PST format, however, OLM is the native for Mac Outlook.

MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.” Developed by USL Software, the tool offers a smart conversion method that any other tool doesn’t. In this post, we will see how it works and what are all the features.

mbox to pst converter

MBOX is a file compatible with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and other programs. Google also allow users to download their data from Google services like Gmail or Blogger into an MBOX file. Wherever you’ve got your MBOX file from, if you are a Mac or Windows Outlook user, you cannot use the file directly. You have to convert it into PST. And that’s what “Mail Extractor Pro” does the best.

Why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to Convert MBOX to PST

The most important reason of why this tool is experts’ most recommended is because of how accurate and thorough it is with the data extraction. In email migration domain, this means that the data integrity will fully preserve and everything will convert with its original metadata, details, and hierarchy.

The most important elements are the most complex to convert. With traditional MBOX to PST converter for Mac, users have often faced nightmarish situation where the output was too different from the input. The images or any graphical objects (like logos, icons, graphs, photos, etc.) could be broken. You might find your folder hierarchy (the arrangement of your folders) disorganized and all of those folders will not be in their original location.

These situations can be really painful for the users. The worst is not noticing these data integrity errors right away. Most of the users often convert MBOX to PST and then delete the MBOX files not realizing that the tool hasn’t converted data with accuracy.

The best MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

Thankfully, this is what “Mail Extractor Pro” has solved with its advanced algorithms. It has dedicated support for converting complex items that enables users to convert everything while keeping the original details preserved. For instance, it has a dedicated logic to convert double-byte characters like that used with Japanese and Korean. It also maps the folder hierarchy correctly.

One more feature that most tools don’t support is batch conversion. If they allow users to convert data in bulk, they would often compromise with the data accuracy and precision. But “Mail Extractor Pro” has special and powerful algorithms that handle large and multiple files with ease.

Get it to Convert MBOX to PST

There’s also free trial version that you can check out right now. It converts ten items per folder and have full access to all other features.

Get it from here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/.

There’s a full tech support around the clock. That you can take any of your questions or help you regarding any problem you might have.

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