Import OST to Outlook Windows Quickly With A Tool by USL Software!

OST means offline storage table and is a variant of a native file (PST). PST is a personal data file you can use for multiple purposes like data import/export, migrate, backup, etc. But you can not use OST manually like that. It only works in conjunction with your IMAP account added in Outlook. It’s main purpose is to let you see the emails in an offline mode; the file works like a cached exchange mode (not exactly though).

Import OST to Outlook Windows

But if you have OST files that are somehow isolated from the main account they are associated with or with whatever reason. You can get back the data by converting it into PST files and then opening them using Outlook. By converting OST to PST, you are also free to import data to Mac Outlook as well. As it can also import PST easily.

This OST to PST conversion isn’t so straightforward, however. It can take a lot of time and if you are not careful and if you have poorly implemented tools for the job, you are also at risk for data loss and damage to the integrity of your files. A quick look at Google will give you several OST to PST converters but all of them are incomplete and inefficient, especially for a sensitive task like email file conversion.

You need this tool

That is why we recommend ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ developed by USL Software. Not only is a tool packed with useful features, it is also very safe, quick, and easy to use by beginners. USL Software has a lot of excellent applications under their arsenal for jobs like migrating email data across different software and clients. OST Extractor Pro is one of those apps from USL that works with efficiency and safety. You will not find a single essential feature missing.

import ost to outlook windows

The parts of OST Extractor Pro that shine the brightest and makes the biggest difference is its simplicity (friendly interface). It has the powerful algorithms that take every complex data/information into account and delivers clean output. Most converters have poorly implemented algorithms. That can lose certain details from the files and can even modify the structure and change metadata. Not so much the case with OST Extractor Pro.

It is designed keeping in mind the fact that every email user have complex and tricky components in their files. And every user has a slightly different set of database stored in these files. Therefore the central engine for the tool that does all the processing was designed from the grounds up, leaving no gaps and flaws in the logic. There are especially mechanisms that specifically target the more complex and difficult parts of OST files, such as Unicode headers, large file attachments, folder hierarchy, and so on.

ost to outlook windows

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Check out how accurately the tool works. The simple interface makes it all the more simple for those who are not an expert on email migration tasks. By quickly converting OST to PST, you will be able to get the data in OST to Outlook Windows and even Mac version.

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