Import Mac Mail into Windows Outlook – Power into Your Hands!

Importing email data can be both easy and difficult depending on how you approach it. Many would attempt at file conversion,either EMLX or MBOX to PST, where:

  • EMLX: is a raw file used by Mac Mail to store email messages. It is not applicable for data importing or converting.
  • MBOX: An archived file format that can be used to import data to Mac Mail and many other email clients.
  • PST: Native, open proprietary,personal data file used by Windows Outlook and also applicable to import data to Mac Outlook.

On the surface, it makes sense to take files from Mac Mail, either data or archive file, and convert them to whatever file format Windows Outlook can import.

But that never works out in an accurate and professional manner. MBOX to PST is comparatively suitable in some cases as compared to the always inefficient and terrible method of EMLX to PST. But that too has its qualms and annoyances.

The savviest users with some experience about data import try to keep away from both file conversion methods.Fortunately, there is something better that they can fall back to, something reliable, professional, and fully accurate.

It is through ‘Mail’ folder directly conversion to PST, without ever touching the actual files like EMLX or MBOX directly. This makes the process of data conversion amazingly simple and quick.But where it shines the most is in the accuracy of output files. The straight and uninterrupted conversion from the source results in PST files that share the exact same data and structure as the original input counterpart (Mac Mail).This folder is titled ‘Mail’ and is located in your library folders.

Import Mac Mail into Windows Outlook With Ease

However, you never have to load it up or even specify the database manually. Unless you want to convert any backup exported folder. Which is yet another element of “Mail Extractor Pro” adding to its already rich functionality and overall package.

import mac mail into windows outlook
Mail Extractor Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST.

Moreover, it also lets you convert MBOX to PST. Though, we said above that MBOX to PST conversion does not produce most effective results, but that is only in case of importing Mac Mail into Windows Outlook. There are other sources of MBOX files as well (such as Entourage,Thunderbird, and Google Takeout). In all those scenarios, you can use the resourceful feature that converts MBOX to PST just as accurately as any other.

You can even:

  • Set a limit for PST files that results in split files depending on the size. It is good if you have large input database, because large PST files are not very easy to import to Outlook.
  • manually get rid of any folders that you do not to convert.
  • Exclude all the “all empty folders”. It is priceless in case you have countless folders with no content that you think are unnecessary to convert to PST.
  • The brief and in-depth log of the entire process is information-rich document, much appreciated by advanced or savvy users who like to know the details of the task they just undertook. It details all the names of the files and their path that were converted, along with other essential statistics.
  • The support of USL Software is a much appreciate addition to the service and package of “Mail Extractor Pro”. They would help you in case you need any assistance.

Try it to import Mac Mail into Windows Outlook

There are several licenses to choose from, and a free trial version to get you started. You can go through a comprehensive testing phase to evaluate its worth for you. We are confident you will find it to be the best and the most comprehensive email migration tool to import Mac Mail into Windows Outlook.

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