Import EML to Office 365 (How to keep integrity of the files intact in the task!)

Botching one’s EML to Office 365 transfer task due to an inappropriate choice of tool is definitely not anyone’s desire. Hence, it is imperative that the users look for an EML converter tool that holds the power to import EML files to Office 365 without messing up their structure. One such tool is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

import eml to office 365

Import EML to Outlook for Windows and Mac

This EML to Office 365 tool is tried and tested by various experts and critics in the field. Some common observations made have been enlisted hereunder for a quick review:

  • Safe: It is an offline mode tool which gives it an additional safety net against threats of the likes of data breach, data theft, etc. Moreover, it is entirely bug-free which allows elimination of data corruption issues.
  • Speed: The tool is built on sturdy technology that helps it to run its operations at lightning fast speed. One can build the copies from scratch in just a few minutes time.
  • User friendly: One of the prime likeable traits of this tool is its simplicity. Even the beginners sail through uninterruptedly all the way to the end. One can also take assistance of 24*7 customer care services.
  • Accuracy: The precision factor is on point with this tool. The final files are perfect replicas of the original content structurally as well as functionally.
  • Pocket friendly: The tool has been rolled out in various affordable license keys that the users can choose from.

This tool definitely deserves a trial run. Click one link below to grab your FREE demo copy!

import eml files to office 365

Fascinating features to enhance the import EML files to Office 365 journey!

Mail Extractor Pro, an EML to Office 365 import tool, is one its kind. The creators of this tool have embedded skills and features on this tool that not only support but also enrich the conversion process. Some of these are:

  • Bulk conversions: The users get to convert multiple files all at once. This is especially helpful for those who possess large databases for EML to Office 365 conversion tasks.
  • Multiple formats: Other than EML, this tool also holds the power to convert Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to PST for Outlook.
  • Converts it all: The users can be fully assured of the recreation of every bit of information contained on the data files. This includes elements like nested messages, Unicode content, contacts, calendars, graphic images, attachments, etc.
  • Preserves structure: Certainly, this tool maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.
  • Auto loads the database: The tool comes with smart technology that allows it to automatically extract the data files from the default directories of the email client. This helps in saving time and also in eliminating the scope of human error.
  • Splits large PST files: The users have the option of controlling the size of the final PST files. They can choose optimum file size to suit their needs.

Isn’t it all that a user needs to build spotless copies of the data files?

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