Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Converter (Convert OLM to Thunderbird)

I had no idea about the data files like OLM or RGE or anything else regarding email clients and email migration. Thankfully, I found the third-party tool that made it simple for me to migrate data from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird without having to dive deep into the technical details of such tasks.

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Converter

I have always liked Thunderbird due to the myriad of third-party extension that allows users to do anything. It may otherwise not be possible by its default functionality.

Also, it’s free, so that probably helps.

But I have also been an avid user of Mac Outlook for many years. The reason for that being highly specific for the work that I do. I have had the entire Microsoft Office Suite ever since they were first released many years ago and Outlook has been part of that suite since then. It made sense for me to use Outlook as the main email client.

But last week I just finally decided to switch to Thunderbird. Not that Outlook Mac had any problems or had any thing missing. Just that Thunderbird has always appealed me.

But little did I know I had to move my entire Mac Outlook database of years to Thunderbird. I want to make the switch official. For days I just used Thunderbird with my current email account but it wasn’t satisfying as a large part of data was stored in Outlook locally.

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird – Challenges

I think if you are reading this post, the chances are that you know the migration between these clients is far from quick and easy. Even though both clients have countless useful features, they do not thing to help users while migrating data quickly. Thunderbird has something that allows importing several data files from other programs, but much of that didn’t make sense. It required to roll back the version to earlier ones. Not only was I not ready to do that, it also looked like the end result is often not accurate.

So, I started looking for any third-party solution to help me make this switch and move data like a pro.

One problem is that I am not well informed about the technical side of email clients. The files they use to store data. Even though I am a heavy user of emails, the truth is that Outlook never made it essentially for me to know about the background technical details to use it fully.

Therefore, any solution that could have worked for me was something that could easily be used by someone like me, who doesn’t know anything about files.

And thankfully, I did finally find one third-party app. It worked wonderfully and has a basic UI that requires no deep understanding of email migration. It is “OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Converter

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Converter for Mac

The way it works is this: you first need to archive your emails from Outlook to OLM files. Then launch “OLM Extractor Pro” and select the OLM files. You can then manually remove any folder you don’t need to convert or move to Thunderbird. Then simply choose “Thunderbird” as the output format (because the tool can also convert OLM to other formats) and wait for the conversion to be over. At last, simply import the Thunderbird folder into Thunderbird.

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird

It’s really that simple. There are other optional settings you can tweak (like keeping read/unread emails separate, conversion of contacts and calendar to VCF/ICS files, etc.) accordingly. All of these options are intuitive to understand and apply as they fit your needs.

convert olm to thunderbird

Try Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Converter

For anyone out there who is looking to switch from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird and move data efficiently, but not looking to read into details all the technical side of such migration processes, I recommend “OLM Extractor Pro”. It is incredibly simple for everyone to use and yet powerful and accurate.

Download the free trial version first and get a hang of its features and how it works.

Get it here

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It is a highly recommended Mac Outlook to Thunderbird converter, give it a try.

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