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Mac Mail MBOX to PST Converter – Redefined!

There are plenty of Mac Mail MBOX to PST converter. Most of them do not perform well with large and complex databases. But all of them have at least one or two major missing links that render them inefficient.

Mac Mail MBOX to PST Converter

Think about it, a powerful tool with advanced features but a terrible user-end interface is of no good. Similarly, a friendly interface but missing a few features to make the job practical for users is a worthless tool too.

That is what the dilemma of many of the converters are. In an attempt to make them good in one aspect, they often miss other essential aspects of a software application.

Also, a friendly support is as important as any other, regardless of how simple the task is. It goes against intuition, but a perfectly developed tool is often backed up by a support staff to take your queries and make your job easier.

Gaps like these can really inflate the already troubling job.

Except “Mail Extractor Pro,” the anti-thesis of terrible email migration tools!

What is “Mail Extractor Pro”

Mail Extractor Pro”, from USL Software, is more than just Mac Mail MBOX to PST converter. It is a complete email migration utility for MacOS platform built with all essentials, a basic and friendly interface, and comes with a support team backing you up.

It is hard to imagine a fully fleshed and complete utility like this one. Especially when all other applications in the category struggle to get at least one thing right. “Mail Extractor Pro” surprises you with a basic interface, while also offering advanced features for high-end IT users.

mac mail mbox to pst converter

It delivers a seamless experience with the help of a simple interface, but also unifies all the advanced features under a single UI. Features like detailed conversion log, ability to handle massive sized MBOX file, support for Unicode text and MIME headers, and more. These sophisticated features are not found with generic converters.

Alternative Method for Mac Mail Data Export

The tool performs Mac Mail MBOX to PST files just fine. And it is great for those have only MBOX files ready for conversion. It is also important to know that MBOX files can be from other sources/clients than juts Mac Mail, like Thunderbird. Google Takeout is also a feature that allows you to archive your data to standard MBOX files.

However, for those who wish to migrate Mac Mail to Outlook PST, we have something even more special for you. You can let go of the MBOX files completely and instead convert the identity/profile database directly.

“Mail Extractor Pro” lets you do that without any changes. Simply select the ‘Autoload’ option next to “Mac Mail” instead of “MBOX files.” The tool scans your Mac computer automatically and gets the contents from the main database ready for conversion.

The reason we recommend this over MBOX files for converting Mac Mail is obviously because it is quicker and easier and you do not need MBOX files. But there is also another reason; it is far more precise than converting any archived files. It should not come as a surprise to you that when you convert straight from the source rather than archived files, the output is much more accurate.

mac mail mbox to pst

Try the Mac Mail MBOX to PST Converter

It also eliminates the likelihood of human errors during Mac Mail archive to MBOX files. Try it. You will not be disappointed. The free trial version takes away any risk-factor and gives you a chance to see it firsthand.

Read the Mail Extractor Pro Review and try this Mac Mail MBOX to PST converter for no hassle email conversion.

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