How to Open an OST file – A Comprehensive Guide

OST format is a boon to mankind. It helps in saving mailbox’s content offline which leads to its editing at one’s own convenience. This luxury is what makes Microsoft Outlook, the parent of OST, so popular. Ever since this feature has been provided by Microsoft Outlook, it has been used by every professional.

However, OST files have drawbacks too. First, they are very vulnerable bunch. Second, it does not work directly with Outlook. Since OST files are weak they can be damaged and corrupted very easily. And since they cannot work directly with Outlook, they have to be converted to PST format to make that happen.

However, OST files are synced with PST by MS Exchange server. The downside is that there is no other alternative to do this job. Once MS Exchange server is out of the picture we have no one to rely upon. And even MS Exchange server will not perform complete OST conversion to PST because it does not work with corrupted and damaged OST files, which is a large portion of OST database.

Therefore, this need to find an alternative to MS Exchange server which can help open OST files in Outlook by converting them to PST format has gained popularity. The search ends here. In this article we reveal the best tool which can do this task for you. It’s so easy that you will not even think of using MS Exchange server ever again. The tool is called OST Extractor Pro.

The OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool by USL software which has gained immense reputation for being the most effective tool in OST to PST Conversion. It can help open your OST files in Outlook in no time at all. The tool has immense beneficiary features. It is simple, speedy and comprehensive.

how to open an ost file

The tool has many features which allow for a complete and comprehensive conversion. Therefore, every OST files on your computer hard disk will find its way to Outlook with the help of OST Extractor Pro. 

how to open ost file

Let’s look at these features in detail:-

Bulk conversions

OST Extractor Pro is capable of bulk conversions. For this, it employs batch strategy which allows for bulk conversions without any loss of time or effort.

Comprehensive conversions

OST Extractor Pro is one of those rare tools which truly understand modern mails. Modern mails are different from their predecessors as they not just comprise of text but also nested mails, embedded imaged and attachments of various sizes and types. Therefore, a tool like OST Extractor Pro is needed to convert a complete OST mail to PST format for it to be imported in Outlook. Any other tool will leave plenty behind.

Preserver folder hierarchy

It has this amazing feature which allows it to preserve the arrangement of folders. It therefore, also provides users help in the post conversion phase. So you should not waste any time in thinking. Get OST Extractor Pro right now and enjoy your OST files in Outlook.

open ost file

If you are looking for best ost to pst converter tool, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro’ today.

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