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The Best PST to EML Converter That You Wish You’d Had Known Sooner

This week’s review-blog post is about a PST to EML Converter that can solve many of your email migration and email backup reasons. I went on a hunt to look for the most professional application (built for Mac) that can help users convert PST files to more generic EML files.

Let me tell you – it was an exhausting project. There are so many apps by third-parties that it can be very tedious for some basic everyday users to look for one that will fit his or her needs perfectly. And more importantly, looking for a Mac based PST to EML Converter is more difficult. Most of the tools that I can call ‘decent’ or ‘usable’ were for Windows platform.

After quite a while, I did find the one that I was looking for. After several tests and trials, I now have zero doubts that this program (for Mac OS X) is the best one out there.

What is PST to EML Converter and why do you need it?

Windows Outlook is a great email client, with the largest base in Windows PC. It has so many unique features to manage your emails and contacts that it can be difficult to switch to any other app. However, that’s now what usually happens in the real world. Most users still often have to jump ship to another email client for plethora of reasons.

That’s when you will an email migration tool.

PST to EML converter is for moving data between Windows Outlook and Windows Live Mail specifically. But that’s not all that it can do. Since EML file is a generic email file format, you can use it in many other email clients, even in few Mac based email clients.

Another user of these PST conversion tools is for backup. Most users do not get a huge server space for all of their emailing needs. So, they archive the data to a locally store file or files. Windows Outlook can only archive data to PST files.

And that’s where a slight problem can be observed.

PST file is not generic format. Windows Outlook can only import, export and store data in PST file format. And the whole purpose of backup is to restore data in future. And most users do not want to have all of their emails in a file that is not generic.

Most of them use EML files, because they are very common and many clients are now offering extension or plugins to import this type of file.

PST to EML converters help you do that.

So, which is the best PST to EML converter?

The best PST to EML Converter in my search turned out to be ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ by USL Software.

A bit of a background information on USL Software – USL Software has always been the top of companies when it comes to offering applications for email migration. Their tools are always carefully built for all kinds of users from experts to beginners. They have been in business for many years now, and have been awarded certain prestigious awards for their service.

This time, they have come up with ‘PST Extractor Pro’ with the same level of efficiency, user-friendliness, and support that they are known for worldwide.

PST to EML Converter

Why is ‘PST Extractor Pro’ the best?

That’s a good question. And here are some bullet points that will make my case: –

  • PST Extractor Pro is the only tool that can run in Mac
  • The PST converter has a simple and basic interface, and yet very advanced functionality that offers high flexibility
  • It is the only tool that supports the conversion of all languages, including double-byte-character set languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
  • It also offers 100% conversion of data. No missing links.
  • It has special algorithms to keep the folder hierarchy preserved
  • It features an in-depth, multiple extraction protocols that detects even the minutest piece of information, that provides it the level of precision needed in email migration
  • USL Software is also best in offering the customer support 24×7.

You can check it out and see how it all works in action. Download the setup below and use the tool in free trial mode without activation, which lets you convert ten items per folder.

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