OST to PST migration – Distance yourself from the pessimism!

A lot many times, people are influenced by what they repeatedly read or hear about a certain concept. For instance, a trend of negative reviews and narratives of several problems faced by the users in converting OST to PST swamped the internet in not much time. While many of these were true to the core, the present scenario negates them all. That is because an absolutely refined converter has come to light which can provide absolute OST to PST migrations.

OST to PST Migration Tool

OST Extractor Pro, a tool created by USL software is nothing like the older tools which had not one but many flaws in the design. This OST to PST converter tool, however, has an impeccable structure which helps it sustain itself and survive through the brutal OST to PST migrations. A few common issues that this tool has been able to eliminate are as mentioned here-under:

ost to pst migration
  • It does not slow down and drag the process till the end. On the contrary, it provides lightning fast conversions to quickly reach the final destination
  • There are no cases of data damage or data modification. Unlike any other tool, OST Extractor Pro ensures the safe transmission of files from start to the end
  • Incomplete and partial conversions are a distant thought. This tool gives out 100% conversions without any flaws in the final files. As a matter of fact, the output has everything in its place
  • Regardless of how complex the OST to PST migration process gets, this tool maintains its simplicity to help out the users in the best possible way

There are of course lot many perks of using this tool which the users come across once they start using it!

A glance at what OST to PST migration looks like with this tool!

There is a fair chance that a user gets curious about the abilities of this OST to PST migration tool. Well, the good news is that a fair and square tutorial is included in this article to help such users out.

In order to use OST Extractor Pro to the fullest, all the users need to do is download and install it. The rest is largely taken care of by its automated process.

However, a step by step guide of detailed below:

STEP 1: First step is to essentially upload the data that is to be converted. The tool supports OST files from various sources like Outlook versions 97 to 2019, ANSI OST file, etc.

STEP 2: The next step is to scan, modify (if required), and finalize the data for OST to PST migration.

STEP 3: Since the tool is capable of converting OST files to various formats such as Apple mail, MBOX, and the like, output must be carefully chosen as PST.

STEP 4: The tool lets the user choose a specific location for saving the converted PST files. Once this is done, ‘Convert’ must be pressed to initiate the process.

After the quick completion, the PST files can be accessed directly.

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