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Migrate OS X Mail to Outlook, The safest and most productive way!

Productive is what we want our conversion processes to be. Minimal effort and maximum returns is the focus of any user trying to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook.

But to turn that dream into reality is a different story altogether.

The need to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook

OS X is on the newer side of the versions of MacOS. The email providers on the Mac side, be it Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc, stores the email database files in MBOX Format, and on the windows side, it is stored as PST.

Both the email clients are rich in features for their respective operating systems, and thus, have a large user base. Problems starts to occur when you need to migrate the data from a mac based email account to a windows based email account.

The data involved in the conversion process comes into a very susceptible state and is open to any kind of loss or corruption. So, to keep your data safe and sound you need to choose the method of Mac Mail to Windows PST Migration.

The perfect method to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook

There are multiple ways to migrate your data from OS X to Outlook. But the manual methods of conversions have become obsolete with increasing data and it complexity.

Shifting to a newer and better method is the right way to go for your conversion process. The better way to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook is by using a third-party converter tool and that too the best one among them, Mail Extractor Pro.

migrate os x mail to outlook

The tool comes to you from the prestigious USL Software. The creator of exceptional email management tools have done their magic once again with Mail Extractor Pro.With the perfect combination of everything that you need, the tool simplifies the conversion to a very basic level, thus, helping you achieve exceptional results with your OS X Mail to Outlook Migration.

Converting everything is easy when you migrate OS X to Outlook with this tool

Mail Extractor Pro believes in converting everything and leaving nothing behind. Well, the algorithms that the tool support give you exactly that. The tool converts all of the data present in the input file.

Everything ranging from your metadata to attachments to those hard to convert Non-English elements of the input file are converted very easily by the Apple Mail to Outlook converter tool. This makes migrating OS X Mail to Outlook flawless.

migrate osx mail to outlook

Retain the folder structure during your OS X Mail to Outlook migration

Messy folder structures at the end of migrating OS X Mail to Outlook is a very common occurrence.

This messes up the location of your emails and makes finding the right data after the conversion process very hard. To save you from such trouble, Mail Extractor Pro retains the folder hierarchy of the input file during the conversion process. The tool ensures that all the files are present at exactly the same position as it was pre conversion. Thus, making your life post your OS X Mail to Outlook Migration easier and better.

Get Mail Extractor Pro to convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX & Thunderbird to Office 365 / MS Outlook (PST).

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