Migrate MBOX to PST (Sidestep the usual obstacles)

There are a number of obstacles that you have to go through, in order to get to migrate MBOX to PST properly. Failing at any one of them can prove costly for your data involved in the conversion process. You can lose all of your important professional as well as personal files forever. Scary thought, right? You can avoid all this and have a perfect conversion of your data. All you need to do is change the way you approach your migration process.

Migrate MBOX to PST

Professional converter tools are the ideal way to convert your data. They are recommended by most of the professional and casual users. Equipped with modern features, these conversion solutions help you in side-stepping with all the usual problems that you face with your conversion process. You can easily get the job done without any complications and achieve flawless results. The only thing that you need to do is choose the right converter tool.

MBOX to PST Migration Tool

There are numerous converter tools that are currently present in the market. But not all of them will help you achieve the level of conversion that you expect. The converter tool that resides on the top spot of all kinds of users is Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software.

migrate mbox to pst

The tool is a flawless combination of all the best features in the business and a very intuitive interface. From accuracy to ease to speed, the tool is an all-rounder in all the aspects of the conversion process. It makes it easier for you to migrate MBOX data to PST.

Retain the folder structure from your input files

Messed up folder structures with your MBOX to PST migration are a very common sight. The deranged files and folders make it harder for you to find a specific email that you have been looking for or do any kind of data manipulation.

This problem is solved with this converter tool. The tool retains the folder hierarchy from your input files during the conversion process. This means the output files produced have an exactly similar structure to that of the input files. Thus, making it easier for you to perform post conversion operations and easy data manipulation.

mbox to pst migration

Bulk Convert your files during your MBOX to PST Migration

Bulk MBOX to PST Conversion is the way to go about converting large databases. The feature is exactly what the name suggests. Conversion of multiple files at once. Most converter tools fail to handle so much data at once and thus, lack at providing a sustained performance with a feature like this.

Mail Extractor Pro runs on such powerful algorithms that easily handle this kind of data. The tool provides you the facility of converting multiple files at once. It easily handles multiple files at once, making your MBOX to PST migration faster and efficient.

migrate mbox data to pst

Download it to export MBOX to PST and get a closer look at all these features and a lot more.

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