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How to import OST to EMLX – In A Way that is free of Errors!

OST and EMLX are two email files for storing email messages and whatever else come with the package (like attachments). But they couldn’t be more different in their internal structure and how they are used. OST is a variant of a ‘Personal Storage Table’ data file by Microsoft in use with Outlook, particularly for offline storage. You cannot use OST manually for data operations like backup, archiving, import/export, and so on.

You also cannot use it with any other email client. Just copying and pasting EMLX inside the databases of clients like Mac Mail doesn’t work. The format is not detect-able by any client, even Outlook (besides its internal functionality).

EMLX, on the other hand, is a similar file in use by Apple Mail. It is also not a personal file for data backup and other similar purposes. For that, you need to employ MBOX format. EMLX is more like a raw file, each file used for a single email message. Note that EMLX file cannot store attachments and other items. It’s merely a text file that contains the email text.

How to Import OST to EMLX

This brings us to the important question of how to import OST to EMLX, in case you want to migrate Outlook data to Apple Mail.

OST to EMLX conversion is not the only way to do this (which we will discuss below), but it is a commonly employed technique. By converting the formats of these files, you can import the emails to Apple Mail, but not the attachments as they cannot be stored in EMLX.

There are a few converters from other third parties that can get OST to EMLX conversion done. However, it is not without the flaws, in fact, many flaws. For starters, it is tricky to retain the integrity. Which means that even if everything is converted, the structure and metadata would undergo unwanted modification. It is no uncommon to find broken Unicode text in email headers, or fragmented folders, discontinuity with the emails, and so on. It is also the method that takes the longest, even after the multiple scans.

This is particularly why “OST Extractor Pro” shines.

What is “OST Extractor Pro.”

It is an excellent utility to convert the Outlook OST files into multiple formats, one of which is MBOX. MBOX is a standard file in many email clients, including apple Mail. So, if you want to move Outlook data in OST to Apple Mail, this tool helps you do that remarkably well. Also, MBOX can store attachments and other related items, which EMLX cannot.

Note: OST Extractor Pro can also convert OST to PST, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML, MBOX, ICS & VCF etc.

ost to emlx

But “OST Extractor Pro” goes a step further and lets you convert OST directly into Apple Mail folder itself, which is easier to import and relatively much more accurate than any other approach. You simply have to choose and load the OST files you want to convert, select ‘Apple Mail’ from the output list, and click ‘Convert.’

how to import ost to emlx

The tool comes with a user-centric UI, that is completely graphically oriented, as opposed to any command line interface or intricate technically complex procedures. You can forget all about the files and what everything means in relation to the migration task. The tool simplifies everything down to mere “clicks,” making it possible for the first time to let go of the inefficient and confusing methods/tools.

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import ost to emlx

You can go ahead first with the demo edition to know more about it and how all the functions relate to your particular demands. It is not limited by time nor functionality, except it only converts ten items per folder. This gives you a better and closer look at the tool’s power.

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