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OST to PST software is a strange category of email applications. OST and PST are both almost similar files. They are in fact variant of the same format. Yet, they are not interchangeable and they server different purpose. In cases where the data is in OST files, you cannot directly import these files in Outlook, like you can do with PST.

OST to PST Software

That brings us to OST to PST software apps. Their only job is to convert all the emails stored in OST into native PST format for Outlook without losing any details and to do it quickly. Many users are not well trained in tasks like these, and therefore, end up with dissatisfied results. The current state of OST to PST software tools make this task into a time-consuming one.

But there is a way out of this, a simple approach that can get this done quickly and safely.

The OST to PST Software for Mac & Win

The answer lies with “OST Extractor Pro.” It is a Windows and Mac compatible software to convert OST files to many other formats including PST.

ost to pst software

OST Extractor Pro is an Outlook independent software. You can convert OST to PST without Outlook installed in your system.

If you are one of those who cannot afford to lose the productivity at work or at home, this is the software you need. Built with extra care by USL Software, it manages to deal even with large files in no time and delivers output with precision. Both home users and users from large corporations can get the maximum benefit out of the tool.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the software that frequently ranks as number 1 in the recommended lists of OST to PST software. Below we will be talking with the most prominent aspects of the tool that makes it what it is:

Data Conversion Rate:

One of its major selling points is the rate of data conversion. In other words; it’s speed. You can load large OST files and have them converted to PST much quicker than any other converter can.

Simple but interactive:

It is always a challenge to make a tool with advanced features simple and interactive for the beginners and non-experienced users. Often, software that can work efficiently in complicated projects can be too cumbersome. Their interfaces are cluttered and whatever the tool had to offer eventually becomes useless. With ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you can work with the tool’s features in a simple and straightforward manner, even if you have never done this before.

Accuracy of Converted items:

As mentioned above, to be able to convert all items and every minor detail from OST to PST is a big challenge. Most conversion software fails to pick up on details like metadata, headers, images, and non-textual attachments. Unicode content is also part of email database that often gets skipped by ordinary OST to PST converter. But ‘OST Extractor Pro’ brings finely tuned algorithms that makes no such mistake. It is programmed to offer complete conversion of everything that is within the files.

ost to pst

Free trial for evaluation

You can download the demo version if you wish to find more about it. To activate to full version, you have many choices, such as: household/personal, small scale companies, or large scale enterprises.

The Link: https://www.uslsoftware.com/download/ost-extractor-pro/

Every software from USL Software is backed up by the technical support available 24 hours, every day. “OST Extractor Pro” is no exception. The tech support adds another dimension to the efficiency and value of an already excellent software.

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