EML Converter to PST (Shaped to Perfection) – Free Trial Available Now!

USL Software is well known for their excellent software solutions for the email migration tasks. One of them is “Mail Extractor Pro,” which quickly went on to become the finest EML converter to PST with its free trial version also available for interested ones to try out.

EML Converter to PST for MS Outlook

Today we are concerned with EML converter to PST, but just know that “Mail Extractor Pro” can do much more. For instance: convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and even MBOX files to PST.

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With Advanced Features

As an EML converter to PST, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ shines in multiple areas. But mainly in its simplicity while keeping it balanced with power and functionality. Because EML to PST conversion is a complicated task. It must be done through a professional tool that doesn’t fall on too technical and high-end spectrum but also manages to offer features that are essential for the task. “Mail Extractor Pro” is exactly an application that fits that description.

What happens usually with other kinds of EML converters to PST is that you would often find one or more essential element missing from those tools. Sometimes you might go by without needing those important features, but that’s only in rare cases. Other times, you would almost find them of no practical use because of the gaps in their functionality that can make the entire task unworkable.

Large File Conversion

For instance, we often receive emails from our readers asking how they can reduce the size of the output PST files they got as output from the Mac EML converter they have been using. It’s natural that if you have large EML files to convert. The output in the form of PST files will also be large. And it may not sound like a big deal, but in certain times. Large PST files can be a huge nuisance while importing them to Outlook. And many typical converters fail to offer any method to limit the file size during conversion. Such missing functionality can be a big setback even if everything else went smoothly.

Preserve Data

And the most obvious worries most users have to face is the conversion of data that’s only halfway done. Finding out that some of the emails or folders have not been converted is very common. And if all the emails and files were converted, it’s the content inside them that might be fragmented or disorganized. The cause of such partial conversion is the myriad of different types of information found inside the modern day EML files. From attachments to graphics to rich-text formatting to links and to every thing else emails can be associated with. The email headers in Unicode formatting are especially trick to convert, if the algorithms used by the EML converter to PST aren’t up to date.


And this is why, USL Software works on Mail Extractor Pro from the grounds-up to eliminate such common challenges. It’s the only EML converter to PST that has managed to put aside such issues and bring new. It has more advanced ways of data conversion, leading up to 100% conversion with full accuracy. And all the while maintaining the simplicity of its interface.

Ease of Use

The tool has a basic UI that anyone can get behind. The first time users without any email migration experience can pick up how it works from the get-go. No more complex tutorials, no more hard learning curve, and no more learning of technical jargon to convert the files like a pro. All thanks to “Mail Extractor Pro” and its excellent designing, both at the surface and underneath the surface.

EML Converter Free Trial

Get it at https://www.uslsoftware.com/download/mail-extractor-pro/

Free trial allows you to convert ten emails per folder, giving access to all the other features (such as splitting large PST files), so you can see it with your own eyes if it does what you want it to do. Chances are, you too will find the tool as one of the finest EML converter to PST with all the essential features neatly unified under a simple graphical interface.

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