Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion – the advantage of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Mail Extractor Pro is an email converter tool -a convenient product that is used for email conversions such as Thunderbird to Outlook. It has some great features that add to the benefits of using this tool. Beyond that, this tool is one of best selling products in this market segment. This article will discuss the following points in detail about Mail Extractor Pro as a Thunderbird to Outlook converter.

  • Top rated features of Mail Extractor Pro
  • How to convert Thunderbird to Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro
  • Pricing of Mail Extractor Pro
Thunderbird to Outlook


When pursuing email conversions, it is imperative that the same are trouble-free and productive. Mail Extractor Pro gives out smooth and swift Thunderbird to Outlook conversions without any hiccups. Some of the best features that can be taken benefit of while using this tool for Thunderbird to Outlook conversions are given below:

  • A very simple interface– Mail Extractor Pro has a very simple interface that is completely comprehensible at first sight. It is almost impossible to confuse with any of the options/ instructions given on it.
  • Complete conversions– The converted files have all the features present in the right places. There is no data modification and even the trickiest of the elements are taken forward from Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Safe to use– The tool comes from a very respected and recognized background at USL software. The safety aspect is not required to be questioned at all.
  • Multiple conversions– Another exciting feature of this tool is that it offers to convert multiple email client files to Outlook. These are MBOX, Postbox, Apple mail to Outlook and Thunderbird to Outlook conversions.


Converting Thunderbird to Outlook is not difficult when Mail Extractor Pro is there to support the conversions. The process to convert Thunderbird to Outlook can be illustrated in the following straightforward steps:

  1. Install Mail Extractor Pro.
  2. Launch it on your screen.
  3. Click on “load” to upload the data files.
  4. Check folders for final upload. Remove any unwanted files.
  5. Click on “convert”.
  6. Select a location to save the converted files.
How to convert Thunderbird to Outlook

That is literally all it takes to convert Thunderbird to Outlook in the most convenient way possible. It is a very quick conversion. The files converted from Thunderbird to Outlook would start appearing in front of you even before you know it.


With the increase in prices of every essential product around us, we don’t want to add another one to the list. Mail Extractor Pro is probably that one tool that would make you feel comfortable with its pricing structure. It wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket as this Thunderbird to PST converter is very nominally priced.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

Another thing that might be of interest is the fact that there is a free trial version too that can be utilized for testing the features of this tool.

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