Import MBOX to OLM (Outlook 2019/16/11 for Mac)

In order to carry forward the data from Mac mail to Mac Outlook, users are certainly required to put their data in the custody of third party converter tools. That is because these tools facilitate the MBOX to OLM import job. However, under-supply of good converters in this domain often leaves the users stranded. Consequently, alternatives are sort by the users.

Import MBOX to OLM (Outlook for Mac)

A recent change in Mac Outlook application has opened the gates for the users who wish to transfer data from MBOX to OLM aka Mac mail to Mac Outlook. The users can now simply opt to convert MBOX to PST to get the job done. This is good news because there is a fantastic tool that is available for carrying out MBOX to PST conversions- Mail Extractor Pro.

import mbox to olm

Mail Extractor Pro is the creation of USL software and is highly efficient with the job of transferring MBOX to PST. As such, the MBOX to OLM import job jitters can be left behind and one can get perfect results via this approach. This is not only a prudent choice but also a lucrative one. Next segment throws light on the perks of using Mail Extractor Pro.

Perks of using Mail Extractor Pro!

The quality of the files is one major concern for the users. That is the reason why many users are now shifting from the approach to import MBOX to OLM towards the approach to import MBOX to PST. The features prominent and unique to the results of Mail Extractor Pro are as follows:

  • Perfect replicas of the original MBOX files
  • Contain all the attachments
  • Have separate .vcf and .ics files for contacts and calendars
  • Contain intrinsic details such as nested messages, to and from data, read/unread status, etc.
  • Folder hierarchy structure remains unaffected
  • Non-English content is completely transformed

These are some of the major features that can be discovered in the output of Mail Extractor Pro. However, users who try to import MBOX to OLM, remain miles away from such great results that are obtained by importing MBOX to PST.

How to Import MBOX to OLM via Mail Extractor Pro!

As mentioned earlier, if you go on to convert MBOX to PST instead of converting MBOX to OLM then there are several benefits one of which is an easy and free-flowing process. Mail Extractor Pro is quite famous for providing user-friendly solutions. This will become more evident once you go through with the following quick guide to achieving MBOX to PST conversions:

  • Launch the tool and upload the data using auto-load option
  • Check the uploaded data for any empty or unwanted folders and remove them to finalize the content
  • Set the PST file size (up to 15GB)
  • Choose the output location and hit on convert to begin the conversion process
  • Log report can be utilized to watch the progress
  • Files can be located in the selected place after the completion of the process
convert mbox to olm

Isn’t that super fast and super slick? Change you’re approach and opt for Mail Extractor Pro to fulfill you MBOX to OLM import needs!

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