OLM to Thunderbird Converter (Recommend Software by Most)

OLM to Thunderbird converters have one simple job: convert the data, emails, contacts, calendar, and other items, to the files that you can import to Thunderbird.

OLM to Thunderbird Converter

It sounds simple on the surface but due to the complexity of modern-day email files and the degree to which OLM and Thunderbird varies internally can make such a conversion a nightmare for most. It is not merely that you need to set aside your whole day to do this (even though, you do need to do that), but it is that, at the end, you are still not likely to get the desired outcome.

But ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ from USL Software is the only OLM to Thunderbird converter that goes against the notion. Why?

olm to thunderbird

It can convert OLM to MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF, MS Entourage (*.rge), Thunderbird, Postbox as well as Mac Mail Archive.

Why they recommend it?

Let us take a look at the two most impact aspects of ‘OLM Extractor Pro’. That makes it so different from all the other OLM to Thunderbird converters. These are the reason it is recommended heavily by everyone one who uses it – from IT experts to basic home users.


The first reason for the popularity of any software application is the interface, because it is the thing that bridges the gap between a tool’s high-end features and the end user – YOU! This is where the generic apps for converting OLM files fail.

OLM Extractor Pro’ has the whole new system and paradigm, with sophisticate abstraction layers to automate the process and give you only those options that you need. This is without diluting the functionality and customization required for a practical migration.

Thorough Conversion:

Remember, the first line of this post? The only job of an email migration tool is to convert the items into the desired format. But it is not that simple. The email files like OLM store very complex information and are often rich in data.

The algorithms needed to process all of it for a different file format. That needs to be precise, layered, and adaptive in their approach. No common converter meets such high-standards of central algorithms to deliver you 100% clean and error-free outcome.

Except OLM Extractor Pro. Built with calibrated logic. It is the only app that keeps all the finer details of your emails intact and does not break the continuity of the database. What this means is that not only does it convert everything, it also keeps the structure and metadata from being tempered. The control at the integrity of your emails is phenomenal. Thanks to its central logic at work responsible for the data processing.

olm to thunderbird converter

The two aspects discussed above makes the biggest impact in your experience and the final outcome. But there are many more things to talk about this inventive OLM to Thunderbird converter that explains its effectiveness in detail…and how it has established new standard for email migration applications.

Read More: https://www.uslsoftware.com/import-olm-to-thunderbird/

Free Trial to convert OLM to Thunderbird

convert olm to thunderbird

If you need to know more about it before getting the full version, you can fulfill that desire through the olm converter free trial mode that USL is offering. The important thing about this trial version is that it does not limit your access to the actual features. Just the number of emails per folder it can convert is ten. It is an excellent way to make up your mind about its overall value and how it can help specifically you in converting OLM to Thunderbird.

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