Export Apple Mail to PST for Microsoft Outlook!

How good it would be if you could directly export Apple Mail to PST without indulging in the unnecessary steps of data extraction, archiving and lot more? Well, the thing that you always dreamt about has come true.

With the right Apple Mail to PST converter software, you can directly export all your Apple Mail data to your Outlook account without any complications involved.

Let’s Look at why you need to export Apple Mail to PST

Apple Mail and Windows Outlook are both email clients. They provide exceptional service to their users and have garnered a huge user base because of such features.

Apple Mail provides a lot of ways to its users to store and manipulate their data. It allows them to send, receive and backup email conversations. But all of this is done using the MBOX format.

Outlook, on the other hand, provide almost all the similar features but it uses the PST format for doing so. And unfortunately, the one feature that Apple Mail lacks is a direct way to export Apple Mail to PST.

Outlook is only compatible with PST files therefore, to move your data from your Apple Mail account you need to convert it all to PST format.

How to export Apple Mail to PST?

As soon as you hear that there is no direct way of exporting Apple Mail to PST, the first thing that pops up in your mind is then how do you export Apple Mail to PST?

There are many ways of carrying out your conversion process. But they involve a lot of multi-step procedures. Like one of the more popular ways of exporting your data involves a dummy server or email account with IMAP facilities and lots of storage space.

This dummy account acts as a bridge between your Apple Mail and Outlook account. So, you can transfer the data between the email accounts without converting it into MBOX files.

But most email clients allow only a particular amount of data to be stored, e.g. Gmail with 15 GB limit, data more than becomes very hard to process. After all of this investment of time and effort, the desired result isn’t guaranteed.

The direct method to export your Apple Mail data to PST without any complications

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is the answer to all your questions about a direct solution for exporting Apple Mail to PST.

export apple mail to pst

The tool lets go of all the old methods and implements a direct approach that works remarkably well and gets you the best conversion results. 

Auto-load Mailbox

Auto-loading all the data for the conversion process is one of the best features of the tool. You don’t need to extract the data and convert it all into MBOX files for the tool to convert it into PST files.

apple mail export to pst

It directly starts converting the data from the identity folder of your Apple Mail account. It makes the process faster, safer and saves you from the excruciating work that would have gone into the process of extraction and creation of MBOX files.

mac mail export to pst

So, say goodbye to days of slow and frustrating data conversion. Export Apple Mail to PST easily, quickly and safely, without being dependent on MBOX files, with this exceptional tool.

Grab the free trial version of the Apple Mail to Outlook converter tool to see what all it offers. It’s free and provides all the premium features to you.

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