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How to Move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail Accurately?

Move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

Your emails in email clients like Mac Outlook and Apple Mail are stored in two ways – either on servers or locally. Then, how can you move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail?

If they are on email servers, the IMAP protocol sync the data instantly as the changes are made on your desktop email client. The locally stored data uses the data files that not in sync with any online server.

If you are probably wondering how you can move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail, a large chunk of your data is most likely to be stored locally.

The issue with locally stored database is that you can’t easily move them to Apple Mail. Email on servers can be synced with your new Apple Mail client by simply adding the same email account, and IMAP protocol will do the rest.

Methods to Move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

To export local files, there are few methods that can be found online. A lot of users try the same IMAP method even for the data that’s not on servers. But that requires first syncing the data using a new dummy email account on Outlook, and then syncing them back to the client Apple Mail from servers of your dummy email account. The few problems with that approach is that you have to sync the data two times, and it is not even accurate.

Another commonly recommend method is to drag the locally stored folders from Outlook 2011 to Mac Desktop to turn them into MBOX files. You can then import the MBOX files to Apple Mail easily. However, this too isn’t free of any issues. First of all, imagine how much time it can take to individually drag each folder. Secondly, conversion of Outlook to Apple Mail MBOX in this manner is also not as accurate you might be hoping for.

Moreover, you cannot drag contacts and calendar data from Outlook 2011 this way.

At this point, you might be wondering why go through all this hassle? Why not simply archive the contents into OLM files and import them to Apple Mail? The answer is simple – Apple Mail cannot read OLM format. There is not even an option in its ‘import’ feature that can let you load OLM files.

The best way to Migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

Unfortunately, we are out of options at this point. You can try the above two approaches given, but do so with caution. It’s not the best way to migrate data in terms of safety, productivity, and essentially in any other term. But if you have no desire to waste your time and end up with defective migration output files, you have one more option left that You will like.

It’s called converting OLM to MBOX files. If OLM file isn’t compatible with Apple Mail, it appears that converting OLM files into files that are compatible with Apple Mail should work.

And it does, but you need a powerful third-party tool to do that.

You can search for them on Google. But this too can be exhausting, as there are plenty of tools that claim to help you move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail by converting OLM to MBOX files. However, only few of them work. And if you aren’t experienced with such form of data migration, you might not know which tool would work fine.

The tool to convert Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

One tool that we have used countless times with accurate results is “OLM Extractor Pro”. It is being offered by USL Software. ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ has all the necessary features that will come in handy during the data export. It has a really nice and friendly GUI that doesn’t drown you in dozens of unnecessary manual inputs. And the best part is that it has always converted data thoroughly. We never found any issues such as loss of metadata, images, attachments, headers, etc.

You can download it from here:

Move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

One reason for its clean conversion is the dedicated algorithms that form the central part of its converting engine. USL Software deploys the latest smart logic to detect information and neatly extracts it for MBOX format. Whereas, other conventional tools have weak and generalized algorithms that falter when dealing with complex OLM files.

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