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Convert EMLX to MBOX Mac Without the Unnerving Thought of Data Loss or Partial Migration!

Convert EMLX to MBOX on Mac

Do you want to convert EMLX to MBOX, but are crippled by the fear of data loss, incomplete conversion of important elements, and other such upsetting thoughts?

It’s reasonable to be worried. You have years of emails stored in Mac Mail (or in EMLX Files) and the thought of converting them to MBOX files while losing the details in the process isn’t exactly a comforting thought. Even a slight damage to the embedded images in emails might mean loss of important information that could mean anything, from the loss of client details to the loss of precious family photos.

Whether you are an IT professional trying to migrate to a different email client or a basic home user, the anxiety relating to the job of converting EMLX to MBOX Mac is quite fitting and rational.

Therefore, today, we have something for you that you are going to love. Most likely, you stumbled upon this post while searching for a save migration approach for EMLX to MBOX. And your search ends here, however, you are not exactly going to get a good EMLX To MBOX converter.

What you are going to get is an excellent Mac utility that will let you convert your Mac Mail data into standard and clean MBOX files, it just doesn’t require EMLX files to do that.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Mac Mail stores data in EMLX files. Each email message is stored in a single EMLX file, attachments are stored in other variants of EMLX files, and so on. When it comes to the migration of Mac Mail data, naturally, the most obvious approach seems to be the conversion of EMLX files to other format depending on the destination client (the one that you are migrating to). So, if you are moving to Thunderbird from Mac Mail, you need to convert EMLX to MBOX file.

But this common approach isn’t the best. It’s not even the decent one. Since EMLX file wasn’t designed for the migration (or even backup) purposes, converting them to MBOX doesn’t serve you correctly. It’s a native file for storing and interacting data with the client. Technically, you can use a third-party EMLX to MBOX Mac converter, but it will always give you flawed output.

And that’s why the solution given below outshines all other ordinary and even the ones considered best, EMLX to MBOX Mac converters.

Best tool to convert EMLX to MBOX

The solution is called “Mail Extractor Max” that you can download to your Mac right now and start using it in a free trial mode. It is the best to know about it and to see how it works.

The rest of this post below will briefly describe its features and how it makes the job of moving Mac Mail data into MBOX format a breeze without even using EMLX files.

convert emlx to mbox

So, “Mail Extractor Max” has processing algorithms that can target the identity director of Mac Mail itself. This directory is now often called profile database folder. And this is where everything relating to Mac Mail is stored, even including the settings. “Mail Extractor Max” gets straight into that folder, displays all your data and lets you choose the ones you want to convert (or exclude the ones you don’t).

This affects the accuracy of conversion quite significantly, since you are not converting any raw files, but rather getting it down to the core of your database.

Convert EMLX to MBOX Mac

Download to convert EMLX to MBOX

Use it in trial mode to find out more at http://www.mailextractormax.com/.

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To convert emlx to mbox file format, try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘.

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