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OST Recovery Software, Tips and Tricks

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OST Recovery Tips & Tricks

MS Outlook has become extremely popular nowadays. But with rise in its popularity, there has been rise in the problems associated with the tool. The major problem is with the format of OST. It gets damaged, crashed and even lost. This article deals with all OST and other problems of Outlook, and tells you a simple solution which can keep all these problems at bay.


MS Outlook is an email client; one of its kind, the best among its contemporaries. But even such a highly respected and popular tool can give hell to its customers. OST format which saves mailbox content offline like calendars, notes etc. has been helpful to professionals. But, now it is becoming a noose in the neck. This is because it is so hard to import these files into Outlook.

In MS Outlook’s defense, it has made arrangement for these files to work in Outlook. MS Outlook employs MS Exchange server which syncs OST database with PST format of the file to make it work in Outlook. However, when OST dataset gets crashed or corrupt, or when MS Exchange server is not available to do its job, life of people using Outlook becomes hell.  They cannot do their work without importing OST database into Outlook.

How to import OST database in Outlook

Importing OST database in Outlook is not easy. It should never be attempted manually. The task is extremely dangerous. It can have grave consequences. Every serious professional should follow this advice.

This dilemma of every professional has one simple solution – convert OST database to PST format. This procedure should only be carried out with a professional tool. This tool should be equipped with all necessary features and technologies that can make the conversion task a success.

OST Recovery Software

OST Extractor Pro is one such amazing tool. Laced with high end technology and robust coding, the tool can convert OST database to PST format without any hassle. The tool has a highly interactive user interface which allows for easy OST to PST Conversions in no time at all. The interface is self-explanatory and does not demand any help from customers.

OST Recovery

The tool is also highly equipped to convert any type of OST database. It can convert huge OST database to PST format in a matter of minutes. It can convert any type of mail content from heavy attachments to Meta data content like ASCII code. The tool allows for selective conversions too and also allows for advance allocation of size of converted OST database. The OST Recovery tool has many other prime features like preservation of folder hierarchy which caters to customers need in the post-conversion process.

OST Recovery Software

OST Extractor Pro comes with a free trial version which can be utilized extensively to know about the tool.

Get the OST Recovery Tool

For a family’s benefit, the tool household license is priced at $79 and Single User at $49. At this price, one gets OST Extractor Pro for up to 5 members of family, free lifetime updates, unlimited use and 24*7 support.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

Grab the offer now, if you are looking for ost recovery tool.

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