converting mbox to pst

Convert MBOX to PST (Get this tool to upgrade the process)

Are you struggling while converting MBOX to PST traditionally? Do you wish to switch to an easier and efficient way to convert MBOX to PST? If yes then congratulation your wish has just come true. There is the MBOX to PST converter tool called Mail Extractor Pro. It helps you to convert MBOX to PST efficiently.

Convert MBOX to PST on Mac

Mail Extractor Pro, which is developed after years of research by a team of experts at USL software. It provides you step by step instruction throughout the process of conversion. Thus, it makes MBOX to PST conversion so easy that even a child can do it. Moreover, this tool comes with the assurance of data against all sorts of risks like data theft, data misuse, data modification and data corruption etc.

convert mbox to pst

Let us look at the features of this tool

Interactive user interface

This MBOX to PST converter tool has an interactive user interface. It provides you step by step instructions throughout the process of converting Email files to PST. With the help of this tool even a novice would able to convert Email files to PST efficiently.

Retains the structure of data

This MBOX to PST converter tool ensures to retain the folder hierarchy of data just like original after completing the process of conversion. It does not intrude the structure of data and maps it exactly into the desired format of output.

Enjoy the facility of bulk conversion with this tool

This MBOX to PST helps you in converting multiple email files from a format to PST. Irrespective of the size and number of PST files you convert, this tool ensures to maintain the speed and precision throughout the process of conversion.

Converts Email files to PST at a high speed

With the help of this tool you will able to convert MBOX files as well email files from various formats to PST. You do not to worry about precision while the conversion takes place at a high speed, as this tool ensures that absolute precision is maintained during the same.

Retains the non-English content of data

Conversion of non-English content is often considered as the hardest part of conversion. While performing the same task most of the MBOX to PST converter tools fail. But you don’t have to worry as this tool converts non-English content with the same efficiency as it converts the English content of data.

Get this to convert MBOX to PST

Yes you read it right! You can get this MBOX to PST converter tool for free. All you have to do is install the trial version of this tool. Test the speed and overall performance of this tool while converting Email files from various to PST. You would be amazed to see that this tool completes the process of conversion in no time while maintain precision throughout. Once you are satisfied by its performance you can also upgrade to the full version of this tool at a very reasonable price.

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