Why Do I Keep Losing Data While Migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird?

Email migration often tends itself towards data integrity loss or other painful problems. Same with trying to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird

We frequently get in our inbox questions like the title above: why do I keep losing the details from my emails while migrating? Why is the migration always partial with a large chunk of data either missing or not in the original form?

This frustrating experience of migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird is sadly due to the nature of the methods users opt for. Most common route to take is to get the native files from Apple Mail database and convert them to Thunderbird using a software utility.

Second common tactic is to use MBOX files, since they are applicable for importing data to both clients. But it can be tedious because sadly Mac Mail does not natively support MBOX. Therefore, you must find another way to export all the folders to standard MBOX files that Thunderbird can read. Even then, you would be left with myriads of other unsolved problems.

Let us look at what options do you have.

  • Either swallow the hard pill that all generic methods end up with less or severe data loss and just get on with it, or,
  • Use “Mail Extractor Max” to convert emails directly without going through archived files like MBOX for 100% accuracy

The second option is how experts go through their email migrating solutions. Sure, it involves a third-party application,but so does other manual methods in one way or the other. For instance, MBOX to Thunderbird requires to find a way to archive Apple Mail to MBOX first.

Where it outsmarts every other method is by targeting the source automatically without any other intermediary step in the middle. You just have to click ‘Autoload’ and it gets all the folders with every little detail directly. NO EMLX, No MBOX, no dummy IMAP email account, no drag and drop, no MX record mapping, no other heavy technical steps.

It cannot get simpler and more efficient than that.

If you want to avoid the troubles of incomplete migration, there is no better choice than “Mail Extractor Max.”

apple mail to thunderbird

You might also like that it supports other conversion needs as well. Essentially, you can convert Apple Mail to mostly all other Mac based email clients currently having any user base. Such as Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, Microsoft Entourage, and even to standard EML and MBOX files.

Try now to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird

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You can fully check out the features and everything using the free trial version. Just download the setup, install it,and launch the tool. It runs in trial mode by default. And you can later activate it to the full version after seeing it run through your files and emails correctly and with speed that you desire.

migrate apple mail to thunderbird

“Mail Extractor Max” is designed and published by USL Software. The company offers free lifetime updates, tech support 24 x 7, different licenses for varying needs of individuals and enterprises, and a free trial mode not limited by time or functionality.

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