Postbox export to PST takes place without being an expert

Are you amongst those who use Postbox mail domain? Or have you been thinking how can Postbox export to PST? Well, the answer is here. You can use Mail Extractor Pro to export you Postbox emails to Outlook windows with ease.

This tool is from USL software, with some great algorithms. It has some really great reviews over the internet that made me interested into the same. The Mail Extractor Pro tool can easily convert the Mail clients domains output files of Thunderbird, Mbox, Postbox, Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac / Windows (PST files).

Postbox Export to PST

Can Postbox export to PST take place without risk?

The reason that you need to convert the files to PST first is that the output format of the Postbox is not supported by the Outlook windows. Hence to make the apple emails export to outlook windows you will have to convert them into PST format first.

The features that make the tool a good buy are as follows.

Self Intuitive UI

The user interface of the tool is in such a way that even a person with no technical knowledge can easily convert his files from Postbox to PST. The tool is such designed that it takes the user through each and every step of conversion of Postbox files to PST files.

Lightning Fast Operations

The algorithm of the tool is to eliminate the empty folders and only process the data that is meaningful. This means it takes lesser time in converting the original files into PST files.

Splitting of Output PST Files

After you select the Postbox files that you need to convert it takes you to a location where you can set up your output PST file size. This feature is helpful when you are dealing with the large database. Uploading the PST file to Outlook windows can be a tedious task and can cause an error while getting uploaded. Hence, splitting of output PST files is a much-needed feature that is given in the tool.

Log Report

After the conversion takes place there is a log report published by the tool. This log report helps you get the entire detail of the process of the conversion that has taken place. Such features are important when you are exporting large database from one mail client to another.

Convcert Postbox Export to PST

This tool is recommended for the people who are looking to export the mail domain from Postbox to Outlook windows. By using this tool you can easily convert your Postbox files into PST format. Once the conversion takes place you can import all those PST files to your windows Outlook. This will give you an error free and non-corrupted conversion.

Try to Convert Postbox Export to PST

Now you know how Postbox export to PST takes place. To try the tool you can also go for the free trial version offered by USL software. You can visit their official website where a link is here.

Postbox export to pst conversion

The best part is that they offer a full-featured version of the trial pack. In the trial pack you will be getting all the features as you will experience in the purchased package. This is to encourage the users to buy the tool which I believe is one of the best options available in the market.

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