how to export mac mail to windows outlook

How We, Total Rookies, Exported Emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook in No Time!

We (four of us) run a small web services business. That’s not important; what is important, is that recently we had a lot of new and unique projects that made our long-term OS and email client, MacOS and ‘Mail’, less than effective.

Note that Mac Mail itself is as great an email client like any other. But I realized that every individual has unique needs that cannot be met by any software or service. That’s why people move, switch, get a new service because it serves their needs better. That was the reason why we had to switch to all new systems and email clients for our business.

Thus, began our migration to Windows PCs, which also included all email clients to be switched to Windows Outlook 2019. While everything else went smoothly even though it was a bit challenging, we were stopped dead in our tracks when it came to transferring the email data.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019

The task was simple – get export single email and other items from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019. But the lack of any official support for such email migration, lack of decent third-party solutions, and our own lack of technical expertise regarding the job made it an intimidating task.

But we were about to find a massive relief. I just wished it had come sooner.

Export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019

Mail Extractor Pro” is a software tool from USL Software that lets naive users like us off the hook from a complicated process and handles the heavy stuff itself. What I mean precisely by that statement is that the tool gets rid of the requirement of data files like EMLX or MBOX that Mac Mail uses. As soon as you launch the tool, you can see the ‘Load’ option that lets you automatically load the Mac Mail database (also called Profile or Identity) and the contents are automatically made ready for conversion.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook

It’s in huge contrast with the other conventional methods we came across. No fiddling with the files manually, no data archiving, no drag-and-drop, and no cloud-based software tools that put the confidential information at risk.

mac mail to windows outlook

Free Trial to Export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019

Mail Extractor Pro” works amazingly from the very first minute to the end goal. And it requires no expertise to use it. The UI is built for non-experts who have no idea about any of the stuff that goes in the background, what data files are, and how email clients work internally.

And in spite of that, it hands over power and control to complex migration projects dealt by IT professionals. It can deal with large files, allow for manually selecting folders, generate a conversion log (brief and detailed), and much more.

We went with the small-business license, but there are personal and large enterprise licenses too.

How to Export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019

  1. Click here to download free trial of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Install and launch it on your Mac System.
  3. Click on [Apple Mail: LOAD] button.
    • Auto Load – Auto detect your Mac Mail
    • Open – To manually add Mac Mail
  4. Optional Settings:
    • Ignore Empty Folders – To ignore empty folders from conversion.
    • Select Folders – Choose what you want convert from preview panel.
    • Set PST File Size – You can set PST file size for large Mailbox.
  5. Then click on “Convert
  6. Choose a folder to save PST file and it will start converting your Mac Mail Database
export mac mail to windows outlook 2019

Best is to try the demo first. You can seek out the features and how they all relate to your needs in a risk-free attempt.

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