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Conversion OST to PST – Quick, Accurate, and Simple!

Conversion OST to PST

One of the most intimidating instance for a computer user is the inaccessibility of any files that are storing important data. It comes in many forms and the cause and source of that would be mysterious.

The inability to open OST files, an offline cache file for Windows Outlook, is one such terrible instance that a general user is usually clueless about.

The most common approach is conversion of OST to PST through third-party solutions. Today we will reveal an excellent software program that will help you do in a professional way.

But first, here are few reasons why you cannot open OST files in Windows Outlook:

  1. Deleting your Exchange account accidentally: When you first add your email account in Outlook, it creates an OST file so that you can also work offline. When you connect to the internet, all the changes are then synced to the servers. But if you remove that exchange account, the OST file becomes useless. You cannot open the same file if the account is deleted that created the file in the first place. This is one of the most common reasons why users often go through OST to PST conversion.
  2. Virus or malware attacks: Viruses can affect virtually anything. A virus or malware in your computer can disconnect the OST and Outlook and can cause sync issues. It may not necessarily damage the contents inside OST files, but it will cause complications for the linking between them and will make the file inaccessible.
  3. Server issues: Windows Outlook syncs all the changes you made to the OST file in an offline mode to the servers when the connection is restored. And that’s why, if there are problems with servers and connectivity, it can cause glitches in OST files too. A sudden disconnection, or partial data syncing, or other similar problems often make OST files incapable of importing into Windows Outlook.
  4. Power failure: Power failure shuts down your systems, hard drive, and other components without saving the work. Quite naturally, it can affect the OST files, especially if you were in the middle of data sync.

If you faced one of the above situations, and now find your OST files not opening in Windows Outlook, the most recommended solution is to extract the data from OST to PST.

It is often a painful task too, because of how ordinary the converters are. Most of the conventional solutions do not have the proper algorithms to extract the contents cleanly.

Conversion OST to PST with ‘OST Extractor Pro’

But, you can stop worrying now. “OST Extractor Pro” is a software tool and a file converter that holds the unique programming technology necessary for this job. It can easily help you convert the data from OST files and save it into PST format. And through its intuitive wizard, the job becomes easy even for non-experienced users.

conversion ost to pst
  • It can also convert non-English text characters
  • It lets you limit the size of output PST files by automatically splitting the large ones
  • You can also manually remove any folders from OST files that you don’t want to convert to PST
  • The tool also cleanly converts the folder hierarchy from OST to PST
  • The customer support from USL Software helps in any way you need

Check out yourself. If you are not confident yet, you can download the trial setup and evaluate the features in detail. It converts ten items per folder, but doesn’t restrict you from any of the other functionalities.

Get free trial for conversion OST to PST

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Use the link above to download the installer and being your conversion OST to PST like a true professional!

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For Conversion OST to PST, try ‘OST Extractor Pro’ today.

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