Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail

Do You know How to Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail?

How to Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail?

You have been a user of Outlook for Mac for many years. But now, you are switching to Apple’s default Mail client. All of that is Ok, but you are probably stuck during data migration.

What is data migration?

Whenever anyone changes its computer or just a software program (like email clients), he or she also needs to migrate the important from one to another. This is most difficult with emails, since the data files used by different clients are diverse in every aspect.

Moving from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail faces the same situation. OLM file for Outlook and MBOX for Apple Mail are two diverse data files. Nothing in common except they are used to store email messages.

So if you are looking to import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail, here’s the bad news – you can’t!

OLM will go unrecognized by Apple Mail client. There is not even an option to import files with .*olm extension. If you even copy and paste the OLM files manually into Mails’ database directory, it won’t show up anywhere in Apple Mail. Only Outlook can open and read OLM files, and no other application.

The good news is – there’s an excellent solution to this. And no, it’s not manually dragging the folders from Mac Outlook into your desktop to turn them into MBOX files. That’s a very old method, now almost non-existent due to variety of reasons, such as, loss of time, incomplete files transfer, partial migration, corruption, etc. And also, it doesn’t apply to your contacts and calendar data.

The Solution – Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail

The solution we are talking about here is to convert Outlook OLM into Apple Mail files using a third-party tool called “OLM Extractor Pro“.

Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail

You will be surprised by how easy this tool is to use, and how accurately it converts data. “OLM Extractor Pro” was built for both advanced users and beginners. Therefore, it has sophisticated features and high power (like bulk migration ability), but also an intuitive interface.

All a common user has to do is load the OLM file and click ‘convert’.

For larger email migration projects, the tool offers features like – batch conversion, folder preview and selection, detailed log report, and more. With those useful features, importing Outlook OLM into Apple Mail will become like a child’s play.

The data accuracy is enhanced by dedicated conversion algorithms that ensure no items are left item or are converted partially. You get all your non-English text, images, nested messages, metadata and minute properties, email attachments, folder hierarchy, and everything else converted into Apple Mail file format cleanly and thoroughly.

If you are not yet confident about the tool, there is something else that you can do.

Try Now to Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail

Get the trial Version here:

The tool is built by USL Software, and USL has a habit of giving a trial version in such a way that it gives you full and genuine impression of the tool’s true potential. The free trial version of “OLM Extractor Pro” works only up to ten items but no other features are disable. This way, you can try its interface, check out the features in detail, and get comfortable with the tool’s overall performance before you activate the full version.

There are few different licenses that you can buy for activation – personal, household, and for workplaces, depending on your needs.

And if you have any questions, or face any setback during migration, 24×7 customer support is there to help you.

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