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OST to MBOX Converter – Feature Rich, Thoughtfully Built Tool!

OST is an Outlook file that lets Outlook users read emails and make changes even offline. When you connect it to internet, the changes you made will be synced to the server copy of your mailbox. This has made it very convenient for users to keep their data consistent and work from anywhere.

OST to MBOX Conversion – the challenges

But the problem is that this file is not suitable for any manual operations. You cannot use the OST file for backup, import, export, or migration, even in Outlook. So, when the situation asks you to import it to other clients like Apple Mail or Thunderbird, you need to rely on other methods than direct, official methods.

One of which is to convert OST to MBOX files, where MBOX is the file native for Apple Mail but also applies to many other clients and programs like Thunderbird.

But a working and suitable OST to MBOX converter is hard to find.

Best OST to MBOX Converter

Here we are going to discuss one exception to that – “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. It is one of the very few converter tools that work perfectly for converting your Outlook OST files to many other formats including MBOX. It can convert OST to PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML, and generic MBOX files. For this post, we are only going to focus on OST to MBOX conversion.

ost to pst converter

There are three main reasons why it serves the purpose in the best way possible: its interface, its algorithms that deliver accuracy, and bug-free nature of the tool that provides stability and speed.


The UI is designed with care and attention, in order to make it easy for beginners to convert OST files to MBOX. There are no complex technical steps to take. Simply follow the wizard (graphically built) and the instructions and you will be set.


The complete data conversion is always something that’s out of reach of users trying to convert data in any of the email files. And then OST and MBOX are even more complex and content-rich than ordinary files. This is why data integrity error is very common and hard to avoid. But “OST Extractor Pro” will make no such errors or mistakes with the finer details of your data. It converts every little thing (like headers) to every large (Like attachments).


The tool runs with speed and stability and never once freezes. It has a powerful algorithms core that does its job without any issues. The main thing with many email converter tools is that they are built incompletely and callously, giving up many problems along the way. This one is an exception. You will never find any problems whatsoever.

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OST to MBOX Converter Free Trial

Along with these three top features, ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has lot else to offer you. To find about all of them, you can use the free trial mode to see it directly.

The link for instant download setup file is given below.

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ost to mbox conversion

If you are looking for OST to MBOX converter, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ today.

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