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Face no more trouble in converting Microsoft OST to PST!

If you have been struggling to convert Microsoft OST to PST easily and accurately, then welcome to the club. There are many users out there that go through exactly the same problem every day. It is not because the process of converting Microsoft OST to PST is very hard, No, it is because they lack the proper means of carrying it out.

Data migration is a little tricky for sure. But it is not a puzzle that can’t be solved. With the right means you can easily, accurately and effectively carry out the conversion process. Right means here point to third-party converter tools.

Third-party tools for converting Microsoft OST to PST

OST and PST are essentially the backbone of your Outlook application. Like most desktop email application Outlook facilitates in app usage as well transfer of data to the email client of your choice. To help with the internal working of the desktop application, Outlook uses the OST format. The format helps you in dealing with the data manipulation and storage process.

Even if you are working without being connected to the Internet, this format stores all the changes. Once the connection is up, it syncs all those changes with the server to ensure that data is consistent throughout. The only problem with this format is that it cannot be used to transfer the data to the email client of your choice. Here is where PST comes in.

PST format allows you to transfer the data stored in OST files to be accessed outside the application. Thus, giving the rise to need to convert OST to PST software.

Third-party converter tools have proven to be the most effective way to do so. These software utilities give you a technical advantage that helps you in getting the job done in a better and easier manner. All you need to do is choose the right one from the market.

OST Extractor Pro: The converter tool for the job

OST Extractor Pro from USL software is the converter tool that you should go with. With the blend of the most exceptional features and backing by many experts, the tool is a simple, powerful and robust solution for your conversion process.

converting microsoft ost to pst

It can also convert OST to EMLX, EML, MBOX, Apple Mail Mailbox, Thunderbird as well as Postbox.

The feature list of the tool comprises of:

Handle Large Files Easily:

The tool allows you to work with large files. It has been a bottle neck for most converter tools in the market for quite some time. Large files usually mean huge amount of complex data. The tool easily handles those files and convert them to PST format. It converts them as whole which goes the conventional method of breaking them.

Very Easy to Use:

The tool’s interface makes it one of the easiest to use tools around. The tool provides you with detailed instructions and steps to follow. With a clean design it becomes easier to go by the guidelines. Thus, allowing you to convert Microsoft OST to PST with comfort.

Retain the folder hierarchy:

The tool retains the folder hierarchy of the input files to ensure that the files produced have an exactly similar structure. It helps you in easily carrying out your post conversion operations.

convert microsoft ost to pst

Get your hands on the free trial of the tool today and try it all for free.

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