Finest tool you will get to convert Thunderbird to PST files

If the task of Thunderbird convert PST files has been stressing you out lately, you might like to try the Mail Extractor Pro. Not only would it let you convert Thunderbird to PST files, its multi-utility features let you have the most comfortable mail conversion experience possible.

Using this tool you can carry all of these tasks- convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Mail Database, MBOX to PST data file format for MS Outlook’s versions for Mac and for Windows. Its Graphic User Interface is suited for usage of everyone- even of beginners.

convert Thunderbird to PST files

Enjoy premium features for best quality mail conversion experience:

If your goal is to get mess-free results whenever you convert Thunderbird to PST files, the Mail Extractor Pro is the tool for you. The results would always accurate and fast, without any compromise on part of the quality of the results.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST:

You can use this tool not only for Thunderbird conversion to PST files, but also for converting Apple Mail database, EMLX to various versions of MS Outlook for Mac and Outlook, Office 365 file format.

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST:

Instant conversion of MBOX to Outlook PST is easier than ever with this tool. This tool supports all the MBOX file formats. The converted PST files would be supported by all MS Outlook version (Mac and Windows).

Convert Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST:

As mentioned earlier, you can use this tool to convert Thunderbird to PST files. Use it to convert Thunderbird/ Postbox to MS Outlook PST file format.

convert Thunderbird to PST

Bulk conversion of Apple Mail to PST format:

The user can convert bunches of mail files at once with quality results by using the bulk conversion facility of this tool. It converts bulks of data at once, a feature which distinguishes it from ordinary tools.

Easy installation and user-friendly GUI:

There is no hardship involved in the installation of the tool and the GUI is designed to make the process to migrate Thunderbird to PST files easier for beginners. So you do not have to be a highly skilled user to get the results according to your wish.

Preserves Unicode content:

This tool has been enabled to read and preserve non-English content too. While other mail converters are capable of preserving only the English content, there is no such limitation with regard to this tool. It even preserves languages with double-byte characters.

Exact results with auto-load facility:

The entire content of the database gets converted in the process to convert Thunderbird to PST files with this tool. The auto-load facility of the tool loads all the contents, from emails to nested messages and attachment files.

Free trial version:

Trial of these features is available for free, you can get it from the link below. Shift to the full version only on full satisfaction with the evaluation copy. You can reach them for queries on [email protected].

convert Thunderbird to PST file

To convert or export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011 for Mac or Windows Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 for Windows, Get the tool today.

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