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Convert OLM to EML, How Little Mistake Cost Crucial Client Details!

Beverly was just switching her email client from Mac Outlook at work to Windows Live Mail on Windows PC at home. It needed converting OLM to EML, because Live Mail and Outlook don’t a file that is common in both. Converting Outlook OLM and all the data in it to Live Mail native file called EML is the only choice she had.

The Challenges

But her little mistake cost her the crucial details of her international clients. This is what a basic software converter can do if it doesn’t have proper algorithms for processing the emails.


When she was finished converting OLM to EML, she didn’t check for the errors. Also she din’t notice any lapses of data integrity in the final EML files. The images inside emails were important to the business. It contained the details of the clients and the generic tool failed to convert them.


There were many other errors besides just images. Like, attachments were broken, the folders were not in their original hierarchy, which made the management of data painful aftewards. And dozens more.

Data Loss

But what was devastasting was the Beverly deleted the archived OLM files from the Mac office computer. Because she thought she wouldn’t need them anymore. Now the converted EML in Windows Live Mail didn’t have all the information originally in OLM.

Such permanent loss of data is not rare while converting OLM to EML through basic tools. The files contain a lot of information and in a varying way. This is making it complicated to extract everything cleanly without lapses in the integrity.

Email Contents

The headers, graphical components, folder hierachy, Unicode text, MIME content, nested emails, links, email addresses, and other details are often skipped or not processed correctly.

She could have check the output files to look for any missing data. But the fact is, if you have a large database with hundreds of emails, it is not possible to open all of them one by one and manually search for anything that is broken.

Thankfully, there was a backup in one of her coworkers’ computer who was on the same project.

Therefore, many experts who know a little about email migration and the challenges involved often recommend only the best and professional converters.

The Solution to convert olm to eml

olm to eml

If you don’t want to face the same issue of data loss, you can rely on ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’ This is the ultimate software tool. It has been approved by many experienced users in IT departments. The sophisticated mechanism with which it gets to the contents and extracts all the details will provide you with the stress-free and accurate migration.

It helps you to export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file formats.

convert olm to eml

“OLM Extractor Pro” carries many dedicated systems for dealing with the type of contents. These are otherwise not picked up by the common tools. It also has a native feature to support the Unicode text, where others only support ASCII encoding standard mainly.

converting olm to eml

If you think your data is important and you do not want to lose it while converting OLM to EML, “OLM Extractor Pro” is the key to that. The free trial version will give you more insight on how it works and the range of features it delivers.

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