A Quick Approach to OST to Office 365 Migration That Does Not Leave You Fatigued!

OST to Office 365 migration is about trying to import or open OST files into Outlook client. Office 365 is a set of services and products from Microsoft under a subscription model. It includes one of their most popular tools called Outlook, which is an email client.

OST to Office 365 Migration

Since you are already here reading this article, we are assuming that you have the basic understanding of the problem you are facing. Nevertheless, here is a quick intro to what all this is about:

OST is a file inside Outlook database that stores all the emails, contacts, calendar, and other items. But it is not a personal data file that you can use for backup, import/export, or other similar activities, like PST. So, you cannot undergo OST to Office 365 migration without first converting the OST file into PST.

And there we are: the underlying problem here is converting OST file to PST. And only after doing so can you successfully finish the goal of your migration project. Since PST is a native file of Windows Outlook and can also be used in Mac Outlook, it should be straightforward. But it is the first step of conversion that proves to be exhaustive for many.

If you have never previously tried such a task, you might find yourself lost and exhausted. There are third-party tools that claim to convert the files, but all of them have one or two missing features that prove to be damaging.

OST to Office 365 Migration Tool (Mac/Win)

The only way to do this correctly is through a professional and smart tool. One of the most recommend one is that category is “OST Extractor Pro.” It will take all the information and contents from OST files and put it into PST files, cleanly and accurately.

ost to office 365 migration

Below we are taking an in-depth look at two of its most crucial features that have made this tool a success:

Simple and Basic Interface

One of the most important aspects of any software application, and, one of the most easily ignore one, is the user-interface. If that is designed right, the rest of the job flows easily. But if any tool has a sloppy UI, the rest of its features do not matter much.

Thankfully, with “OST Extractor Pro,” you get a simple and basic UI that makes OST to Office 365 migration like a walk in the park.

Everything flows naturally once you install and launch the tool.

No need to go through dense and complex technical documentation.

ost to office 365

Accuracy of Data and Tiny Details

Every email file stores a lot of information. Especially, in today’s age where emailing is the most popular form of communication, the files like OST can be complex and rich in data. And nowhere this complexity proves to be an annoyance than during file conversion. A generic and ordinary OST to PST converter can miss out on details like attachments, images, email addresses, MIME headers, Unicode text, or more.

Only “OST Extractor Pro” has specially coded algorithms that ensure clean conversion. Every detail from tiny to massive gets processed with precision.

What you get in the end is exactly what you select as an input.

The tool also keeps the folders hierarchy intact. It is one of those common errors by inefficient tools that can frustrate users and even make the entire process futile and worthless. Imagine finding your emails and folders in a different order than how they were originally stored. It makes the handing and manage of data a nightmare. Thankfully, with “OST Extractor Pro,” you do not have to face that anymore.

USL Software offers a free trial version, a 24 x 7 tech support, and free updates for lifetime.

Try it for OST to Office 365 Migration

You can get the demo edition right now without doing anything and get started with your OST to Office 365 migration like a pro! Do not forget to get in touch with the support team if you have any questions.

Read More – https://www.uslsoftware.com/import-ost-to-outlook/

ost to office 365 migration tool

Get this Ost to Office 365 migration tool for Mac or Windows today.

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