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If you have been striving to get the right way to achieve OST file conversion then this is your lucky day because we are going to directly lead you to the best ever solution! OST file conversion is a particularly delicate job and obviously the chances of messing it up are quite high. Not only can one end up wasting a lot of time on it but can also lose out on the all so precious files in the process. Thereby, a foolproof method is something that we all need for perfect OST file conversion.

OST File Conversion

OST Extractor Pro, as the name suggests, is an OST file conversion wizard. The tool is capable of handling OST file conversions of any kind. Some of these are – OST to PST, OST to MBOX, OST to Postbox, etc. This is a specialized tool that can single-handedly tackle multiple OST file conversion. What’s more is that this tool has been designed so exquisitely that it never backs down in giving high-quality OST file conversions every single time.

ost file conversion

OST Extractor Pro can be used to create perfect replicas of OST files!

OST to Many Other Formats

OST file conversion, simply put, is picking up an OST file and converting it to some other email format. But this job is far more complicated than it sounds. The tiny elements that go into the making of an email can be easily missed out during such conversions rendering the converted files useless. But this tool has perfected the job of OST file conversion.

Extract Everything

OST Extractor Pro starts by delicately extracting the OST files. In that, a user can make use of its auto-load option. The tool after getting such a directive starts digging into the database and gets out all the OST files and their associated data. And when we say associated data, it means a very intricate web of miniscule files that are the essence of any email file. Elements such as metadata, HTML text files, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc are just a few of them. Their perfect conversion depends on complete extraction in the first place. Thereby, we must rely on the best OST file conversion tool for this job.

ost conversion

Super Easy to Use

OST Extractor Pro’s OST file conversion process is pretty simplified after the extraction of the files. Any user, irrespective of the technical expertise level, can understand and follow the self-explainatory steps of the process. The resultant files are the best aspect of this whole OST file conversion process. The files have a few extra-ordinary features which have been listed below for a quick reference:

  • Folder Hierarchy maintained: OST file conversion can result in data modification but OST Extractor Pro keeps the data as well as the structure of the files and folders intact.
  • Empty folders can be left behind: If the user applies the customization options to his/her benefit, they can avoid taking forward the unnecessary empty folders.
  • 100% conversion: The converted files are the Xerox copies of the original OST files.

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