import entourage to outlook

Import email from Entourage to Outlook for Mac/Win

Import email from Entourage to Outlook with Mail Passport Pro and set yourself on a success journey!

Import email from Entourage to Outlook

Life offers enough struggles to us as individuals in today’s world. Therefore, a task such as to import mail from Entourage to Outlook must not be another addition to our troubles. We propose that you take up the job confidently with Mail Passport Pro to sail-through smoothly without getting one bit bothered.

Mail Passport Pro is an unique tool that can convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Entourage Archive (RGE), MS Outlook for Mac (OLM), Postbox, EML and MBOX to PST for Windows Outlook.

*.rge & *.pst

RGE and PST, the respective formats used by Entourage and Outlook, are highly disparate and there is no other way to make them compatible other than taking up email conversion job. Mail Passport Pro is a mail conversion tool that acts as the intermediary device to make these files compatible or workable in the other email client’s domain. In simple words, one can import email from Entourage to Outlook without losing the properties of the mails.

Advance Algorithms

Gladwev Software has carefully woven the features of this Entourage to PST converter to make it a success story. All the algorithms contained within Mail Passport Pro are dedicated towards specific mail conversion intricacies and thereby there is no failing at the job. Whether it is the graphic details or the Unicode content, this tool takes every stubborn element and converts it into the PST format. Moreover, the overall structure of the mails is maintained which makes it easier for the user to locate or identify the files at a later stage.

Wizard Based

The most important aspect of this tool is that it is a user-friendly one. Beginners, in particular, excel at the job in their very first attempt as the process is highly streamlined. With a few simple clicks, the users are able to obtain perfectly converted PST files. This is probably the easiest yet the most powerful and rewarding way to import email from Entourage to Outlook.

import email from entourage to outlook

Using and obtaining the best tool to import email from Entourage to Outlook!

Making use of Mail Passport Pro is quite easy. The interface makes it all clear at the very first site. However, if the users do feel the need, they can take the help of the 24*7 customer care services.

To utilize this tool to the fullest, the users must gauge their requirements properly. The Mail to Outlook converter tool is available in three licenses which are categorized as per the usability. These are:


For individual and family purposes. This one is for single family household use.


For IT support technicians and repair shops. This one is for organizational and commercial use.


For IT support technicians wherein the requirement is for 100+ systems. This one is for enterprise use.

All these licenses are easily obtainable after the payment of very nominal price.

In addition, the users can also make use of the demo trial version prior to investing into any of these licenses. This can help them analyze the capability of this tool. They get to test all the features as well. This version, however, limits the conversions to 10 items per folder when importing email from Entourage to Outlook.

In order to get the copy of the demo trial version of Mail Passport Pro, click on the link.

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