MBOX to PST Conversion Software That Runs Directly in Mac and Offers a Smooth and Clean Conversion of Data!

MBOX to PST conversion software is a special kind of application that extracts information from MBOX files and implement it into PST. This is not a straightforward process, as the files are not similar to each other in any way.

MBOX to PST Conversion Software

Most users often assuming converting files is as simple as renaming their extensions manually. Even some third-party tools that claim to be “converters” do nothing but rename files in bulk. Sadly, that doesn’t work when it comes to complex data files like PST and MBOX. The data tables and the model integration for storing data vary greatly and to successfully convert all that requires legitimate algorithms.

Thankfully, while most MBOX to PST conversion software are inefficient, there exists one utility that runs directly in Mac and has the most efficient ways to convert data without the loss of fidelity.

It is made by USL Software, the same software company that has been behind dozens of other solutions in the email migration domain. This converter works by integrating dedicated logic and scripting with a minimalistic interface to create a steady and smooth data flow and serves both experts and basic home users.

MBOX to PST Conversion Software for Mac

This is titled as “Mail Extractor Pro”. It features some unique options enabling more control and flexibility that aren’t generally available with MBOX to PST conversion software tools. Such as: the ability to directly load Mac Mail profile/identity database folder, or to split large PST files if they cross a certain size, and more.

MBOX to PST Conversion Software

It’s a perfect MBOX to PST conversion software, but it also has other notable conversion options. Like, it can convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases to PST directly. You can also convert MBOX files to PST in bulk and not have any trade-offs with the accuracy.

Moreover, the tool’s special UI works for basic home users in a very friendly way. There are advanced options to allow for more control, but they are natural and intuitive to use by anyone.

This unique mix of sophistication and simplicity has made “Mail Extractor Pro” the best conversion utility for this job.

The best MBOX to PST Conversion Software

The best feature that matters the most is how it converts everything with accuracy. This means that it not only converts every item but also keep its original location, structure, metadata, headers, and other fine details preserved. You will find the data in output PST files as a replica of MBOX files.

Here are some items that are otherwise tricky to convert, but this utility gets the job done with precision:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Email headers (To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject Line, Time and Date stamps)
  • Nested Emails (the ones in conversational hierarchy)
  • Email Attachments
  • Text characters in any language (UTF-8, Unicode, double-byte characters)
  • Embedded graphical objects
  • Embedded objects like excel sheets, graphics, etc.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is available in several licenses depending on your needs. But there’s also a free version that converts ten items per folder and allows you to find out more about its features and interface. You can download the installation file below.

Try it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

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